Meridith Foster

Meridith Foster
Mid-Days with Meridith
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Do you have any hidden talents?

Yes. I’m glad you asked. I do a spot-on chicken impression.

What is your funniest WBGL memory?

Funny now, not funny then… I was expecting my first child, in the throes of morning sickness, and working the morning show with Chuck Pryor. Just as I was getting ready to do the news, I had the urge to, well, hurl. I tossed my headphones, ran for the bathroom, and Chuck did a great job covering for me. This is a tie with a Greatest Weather Hits CD the staff made for Robert Reese as a birthday gift. Think worst vocalists you’ve ever heard. 8-)

What’s the most important thing your parents taught you?

Wow, that’s hard. Here’s a couple: The importance of family and valuing quality and quantity time together, and always rooting for the underdog, to show compassion for those who are struggling.

Simple Pleasure?

Snuggling with my daughters.