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Out of the Tomb

WBGL Evenings with Pam


His Power Brings His People Out of Their Tomb.

“The Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you…” Romans 8:11

Beginning the week of April 15th, Join Pam on WBGL Evenings, starting at  8:18 p.m. Central Time for Out of the Tomb: stories of ordinary people encountering God’s extraordinary power.

Many of us have a “tomb,” a place where a part of us has died. A place where God’s light desperately needs to shine. Perhaps our “tomb” is depression, an unexpected divorce, abuse we’ve suffered, or a faith that has grown cold.

The Bible says that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and always (Hebrews 13:8). That same resurrection power can still bring what was dead to life. Pam will have candid conversations with Christian artists as they share their “out of the tomb” stories.

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out of the tomb courtney smallbone
Week One: Courtney Smallbone

Speaker, Storyteller, and wife of Luke Smallbone from for King and Countrry.


“I called my husband, Luke Smallbone, of for King and Country, with a desperate plea. “Please come home from the concert. I have these pills and I cannot stop taking them. I think I have an addiction.”

Out of her “tomb” would come her story which would eventually become the inspiration for the for King and Country song, “Burn the Ships.”

Click here to hear the audio of Pam's interview with Courtney.

Week Two: Darren Mulligan

We are Messengers, lead vocals & guitar


“We think we can play with sin like a cute kitten, but the kitten grows. It grows and turns into a lion that devours us. My life had been devoured by sin. It left me feeling wretched, full of shame, dirty, and hopeless.”

Out of his “tomb” would come a beautiful love story. A story of a lassie, who would help lead him to Christ, and expose him to the redemptive power of God’s love and forgiveness.

The story continues as his Christian music career explodes with We are Messengers self-titled debut album. The album earned them their first Dove Award nomination for New Artist of the Year and includes the "Top 5" hits "Everything Comes Alive," "Magnify" and "Point to You." Their latest song is "Maybe It's Ok.”

Click here to hear the audio of Pam's interview with Darren.

Darren Mulligan We are Messengers
mike weaver big daddy weave
Week Three: Mike Weaver

Big Daddy Weave, lead singer


Sometimes all we can see is a struggle, after the loss of my father, I found myself steeped in sorrow but God brought me out of the tomb and I learned that sorrow doesn’t define me, but the love of God does.”

Out of his “tomb,” God transformed Mike’s grief and gave him even greater purpose.

Click here to hear the audio of Pam's interview with Mike.