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You know Johnathon & Lindsey from the Morning Show on WBGL where they like to talk about two main topics: Jesus and Food. Jesus had a wild life, crazy love to give and you fit into his story too! Food is something we all understand, those foods that mean something to us and the people who we love gathering around the table with. We hope these topics, along with many others will bring you to Jesus and the table with a smile.

You're invited to listen to the podcast to hear more conversations from the Morning Show as well and bonus conversations that didn't make the air. They hope you will be inspired to get to know Jesus better, have a good meal and know it's a good day to have a good day.

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Johnathon and Lindsey

Favorite Jesus story
Johnathon- The Parable of the Prodigal Son in Luke 15. I think it shows how big God's love and grace are and even if we went so far as to wish our Father was dead, demand our inheritance and blow it all, he'd still take us back anyway if we just decide to go home. Maybe a close second is the Parable of the Landowner in Matthew 20 - again, a story about grace and how doing it all yourself doesn't get you ahead in God's Kingdom.

Lindsey- I love the birth of Jesus. Maybe it's my love of being a mom that makes me so interested in this one, but the fact that Jesus could have came to our earth literally any way, and he chose to be a baby, and have a mom and have a childhood. I just love it. I also really like that story where he turned those 2 fish and 5 breads into so much food for thousands of people, so much that there were 12 baskets of leftovers. It reminds me to give God what I have and he will make more to serve others.

Favorite meal
Johnathon- A perfectly-prepared deep dish pizza from Gino's East. Ideally it would be preceded by a nice, large salad, cheese bread with marinara, and a Coke or root beer or something. Although technically and functionally my favorite meal would be the one I prepare most often for myself, would it not? Every morning I make 2 eggs over medium, toast, and about 12oz of tomato juice.

Lindsey- Some buttery, salty, garlicky, cheesy pasta with additional carbs like bread and more butter and then more carbs for dessert, like something chocolate-y brownies or chocolate ice cream. Oh and a Diet Coke over ice in a glass.

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