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Ongoing medical, psychological, and financial problems

First time asking for prater support. I have been disabled since 2010. Tried to go back to work last year, but had to quit last May. The medical issues keep increasing. Already have a huge paragraph of physical issues/illnesses. In the past 2 weeks I have additionally been diagnosed with edema in my legs and ankles, and dr. then doubled my water pill dosage and have had to start wearing surgical stockings daily. I have become very short of breath so in pulmonary rehab for it. Saw foot dr. Friday because I was having heel pain so badly that I couldn’t walk. Xray shows very, very soft bones called osteopenia. Dr. was very concerned. Left heel & arch inflamed greatly. Said leg is not straight. Was put into removeable cast but very hard to walk with it. It is huge, heavy, and bulky. Not allowed to go out in snow or ice due to slippery nature of the bottom of the cast. Have a host of serious other diseases that I will eventually die from. Have no family. Very hard dealing with so much illness. In hospital for 5 different weeks and 4 surgeries last year. Depression is hard to beat with such a vast number of serious health issues. I am a senior citizen, and life is just so hard. Jesus had it much more difficult than I ever will, and so I know He understands. Please pray. Thank you.