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Prayers for family reconciliation

I have a 20 year old niece that we are praying for reconciliation and clarity. She left the family over a year ago to live with a boyfriend that is not good for her. He can’t keep a job, is a drug addict, has anger issues and makes comments and does things to make issues worse. Since meeting him, she quit college, totaled her car in a fit of rage, attacked her mother and was stealing and lying. She cut off contact about a year ago with all the family, changed her phone number and would only contact her mother if she wanted something. Her and the boyfriend have been living in one bad place after another and even many times in a homeless shelter. They have both been in the hospital with mental problems. Yesterday she called saying that they were getting kicked out of where they were living and needed my brother and his wife (Her parents) to come get them. At the moment they are at my brothers house. They are going to see if they can get into another homeless shelter today and if not, then it looks like they will be living at my brothers house. We ask for Gods peace during this time and hope this is a door to reconciliation. We are also hoping that maybe she can get clarity so she may see the bad influence he is and see she is better off without him. Please also pray for our family during this time.