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Every day this never-ending pressure
Tries to take its claim over my heart
I have tried to hold it all together
But time and time again I fall apart

But that’s where I find my life was never mine at all
You are the one inside always in control
So, when it feels like all of this pain is never gonna end
Brought to my knees by all of these things I don’t understand, don’t understand
I will let the weight of my fear fall like sand
Out of my hands and into Yours
Out of my hands and into Yours

Letting go of worries I can’t measure
Holding onto truth that’s healing me
Knowing I can trust You is a treasure
With eyes wide open now I finally see

It’s here that I find my life was never mine at all
You’re still the one inside always in control

Take this out of my hands
Take this out of my hands
Take this out of my hands
It’s out of my hands

There’s nothing that You can’t handle
God, You are strong enough
Only You can take this out of my handsout of my hands
You’re greater than all my sorrows
Worthy of all my trust
Thank You, Lord, that this is out of my handsout of my hands