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Spring Fundraiser Thank You!

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From my heart to your heart, everyone here at WBGL counts it a huge privilege to be a listener-supported station. You see, the same way we expect God to work through the music we play, we rely on Him to move in the hearts of His people to provide the needed funds for ministry.

Our 2022 Spring Fundraiser was a marvelous encouragement, both for our staff and for listeners like you. Story after story, song after song, prayer after prayer, we celebrated who God is, what He’s done and what He’s promised to us.

If you missed the opportunity to give during this critical time, it’s not too late! Your gift now will help us stay on the air and online for you, your family and your community.

Again, it’s a joy to serve with you. Thank you!


Jeff Scott
Station Manager

P.S. Prayers and financial support from friends and listeners like you help WBGL share uplifting songs and encouraging stories every day. We can’t thank you enough!