The Meaning Of Christmas

Christmas is great, isn't it? There's food and presents, stories of Santa Claus and his flying deer, music everywhere you go, and the jolliest bunch of people you've ever seen working at your local stores. There's so much to get done and such little time to accomplish it all.  But the good news is, we're getting pretty good at it all. With smart phones and online shopping, we have never been more connected and able to accomplish what took previous generations months, in the period of an afternoon.  We've got this holiday season pretty well figured out  But what if we're missing the point?

How do we as a culture have time to focus when we have so many other things on our plates this season? Christmas songs that proclaim the message of a Savior have become background music to our hectic schedules. And the Nativity is a lawn ornament that may or may not still have the original Baby Jesus in tact. The story of Christmas isn't the beginning or the end. It wasn't a plan that was thrown together as a last ditch effort to save the world as some sort of an after thought. The need for a Savior goes all the way back to the book of Genesis. As soon as sin entered into the world, Christmas time was coming and needed to come.

You see, before Santa Claus, came Jesus. Not with magesty or wealth, but in humility and poverty. God couldn't stomach being separated from His creation for any longer. He hand crafted His plan down to the very line of heritage His Son would come from. And then, He sent Him to us. Not to oppress us or to rule over us as a government official or even a high earthly king, but as a servant to dwell with us.

He was to live life with us and to connect with us on our level.A fully human baby that was also fully God, came to us. Not to prove us wrong but to save our very souls. And when I say, "us" that is everyone who has ever taken a breath of air. All of us, given the chance for redemption. All of us, in need of a Savior. From those of us who have known Jesus since we were little to those of us who just heard His name for the first time. All of us.

We have a hope inside of us because of the original Christmas morning that others need to hear. We have a story to tell by the way we approach this Christmas. A story that starts in Genesis 1 and ends with a the romantic ending of our Savior coming back for us. You have been written a part in that story and it's more or less a choose your own adventure type of tale.

Would you like to know Jesus and the part he has written for you? Your story starts here

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