Volunteer Testimonies

“I love to volunteer because of the ministry that takes place and the awesome Christians that work and volunteer at WBGL. WBGL is more than just a radio station to tune into… it is part of my Christian family. Every time I return to WBGL to volunteer, I make another great friend and get to see the friends I’ve made in past years. I guarantee that when you volunteer at WBGL, you will leave with a "spring" in your step and a feeling of accomplishment from assisting with a Godly Ministry.”
- Diane Eagan

“I truly enjoyed the first (hopefully of many more) time I volunteered at WBGL for Vision. I was so nervous at first. I didn’t want to make a mistake or disappoint in any way, but the people I met there helped me to relax and it turned out to be such a rewarding day for me. Knowing that I could give just a fragment back compared to what I receive daily from WBGL made it all so worthwhile. I enjoyed being able to see “behind the scenes”. I am more than willing to volunteer whenever I can! Volunteering at WBGL made me feel closer to God just by the love felt by everyone involved at the station. Being a volunteer was one of the best things I have done in a long time. It makes you feel closer to Him while meeting people who share the same passion for God’s word. What could be better than that?”
- Kathy Findlay

“I was “called” to volunteer at WBGL in the spring of 2006. I had only been listening to WBGL for a short time when I heard Jeff Scott say volunteers were needed for the spring fund raising activity. There was something in his voice as he explained what the volunteers would do that made me feel like I had to be a part of that wonderful activity. No matter what I do (packing bibles or phones during fundraisers), I know it is going to be a wonderful experience. The opportunity to pray with people on the phone and pray with the WBGL family is one of the MOST rewarding experiences that I have ever felt. It costs you nothing to volunteer and I guarantee that once you have decided to be a part of the WBGL extended family, you will keep coming back each time you are called.”
- Mitzi Greene

“The first time I volunteered at WBGL was 20 years ago. I didn't come back on a regular basis for a while...but almost 7 years ago, I started coming back every fall and spring and even sometimes in between to help out. I would recommend volunteering to anyone... during the fund raisers you get to meet some special people, and it is always nice to see them again when the next fund raiser comes around. We all have our stories of how God   WBGL has touched our lives and that is what has brought us there to help out. WBGL means a lot to my family of 8, and I am not always able to give as much financial support as I wish...so volunteering is my way of saying "Thank you WBGL for all that you do for us."”
- Maria Levengood

“I like using my talents for the Lord. The radio station is somewhere I can work just a few afternoons a month and make a difference. I have enjoyed meeting everyone I have worked with at the station. WBGL is family friendly. I keeping coming back because they can use me to get things done that staff doesn't always have time to do. If someone has a little or a lot of free time, WBGL is just the place for them.”
- Annette Pequignot

“WBGL is my family. I can go in and talk to anyone on the team and feel like someone truly cares for me and has reached the heart of God! When you walk in the door, you get hooked on the WBGL family… what a delight… they are a part of my life. If anyone is not sure about volunteering, give it a try. It is one of life’s greatest pleasures to reach out and help others… working the fundraisers, praying for others on the phone, working in the office, or maybe just boxing some Bibles for a world that doesn't know Jesus yet. You will never know the impact you will have on someone's life if you don't show them how you care. I love you WBGL family!”
- Lena Robinson

“Several years ago, just before I went on my first long-term mission to do medical work in Haiti, I first started listening to WBGL. I fell in love with the station and with all the folks working there. Now that I am back in Indiana most of the time, I have even become closer to the staff and to the blessings the station gives me by listening. Because I am no longer physically able to go for long-term missions, God has blessed me by giving me great opportunities to help here in the U.S. One of the very best has been the opportunity to help at WBGL…during the Bible collection drive and by coming over and answering telephones. The wonderful folks in Champaign have become close friends to me. I know I can pick up the telephone, call, share stories and feel the love and friendship of my friends.”
- “Doctor Ken” Sproul