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WBGL 40th Anniversary Videos

Lindsey Capperrune

After 11 years working at WBGL, Lindsey Capperrune certainly has a long list of wonderful memories. She could go on and on about their wild antics as well as the sweet moments celebrating Jesus. Yet, there is one particular moment that she feels encapsulates why WBGL exists, and what each person at the station is striving for.

Brian McIntyre

Working in radio can be quite hectic at times. Brian McIntyre would know, since he has worked in various production roles at WBGL. One could say, at times the bustling station’s busy-ness could make your hair grow gray – or make you go bald! Especially if you run across Brian’s wife.

Ann Rohde

They had the perfect family. Anne Rohde and her husband were high school sweethearts who have now been married for 40 years. The couple worked as a team to get through medical school and open a private practice, and they had two children: a son and a daughter.

But Anne’s perfect family was torn unexpectedly. Within that loss, Anne describes how WBGL was there for her when nobody else was, providing a constant light in the devastating tunnel of grief.

Bill Snider

40 years ago, WBGL was a dream come true for the original Director of WBGL, Bill Snider, and the others who were teaming up to start the station. Today, Bill reminisces about the past, when the Illinois Christian radio station was nothing more than a glimmer in his eye. His joy for WBGL’s growth is certainly a special one.

Aissa Norris

Aissa Norris is a WBGL listener who has experienced intense trials throughout her life. Yet in the midst of her darkest moments, she describes how tuning in to WBGL reminded her of the hope she has in the Gospel. Aissa’s desire is that many more people can find the comfort that she found in WBGL.