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WBGL 40th Anniversary Videos

Nick Carlson

Nick Carlson—a pastor at New Beginnings church in Gibson City—plays WBGL 24/7 in the church building and in his home. He has experienced the power of worship, and he knows that God gives him strength each day to carry on.

Zoe Fuller

Zoe Fuller loves her job. As the Business Sponsor Manager, she makes many wonderful connections within the WBGL community. Hired in 1999, Zoe knows the station like the back of her hand.

Zoe’s knowledge of WBGL makes for a fascinating conversation, and if you call in to WBGL, you’ll likely hear her voice on the other line. She prays and talks with listeners, hoping to give them the message of hope through the Gospel.

Sandy Beherns

When Sandy Beherns’ life took a dramatic turn, she was terrified. But in the midst of her panic and adrenaline, a song came on the radio and changed everything.

Sandy grabbed God’s hand while the world was crashing around her, and Jesus hoisted her back onto her feet. And when God took control, beauty emerged from the sorrow.

Sarah DeRosa

When young Sarah DeRosa tuned in to WBGL as a child, she likely didn’t realize that the station would eventually help start her career. The cheerful hosts and Christian music were the soundtrack of Sarah’s childhood life. Now, she reminisces on how this special radio station was there for her and her family through life’s hills and valleys.

Weez Stockton

It was the 1980s, and 17-year-old Weez Stockton was sobbing as the radio played beside her. She had never felt this way before, but Amy Grant’s music reached her soul, and Weez found salvation that day.

Years after of falling in love with Christian music, Weez became a radio enthusiast. She loved the music that was filled with hope. When her friend Sarah prompted her to become a radio host at WBGL, she did just that and began her journey with the station.

Now, Weez watches God work through the staff, listeners, and community at WBGL.

Dr. Dan and Jeanie Smith

What do you do in the face of a devastating loss?

Maybe you feel like crying until you run out of tears. Or perhaps you freeze with shock, living in denial.

When Dr. Dan and Jeanie Smith experienced loss, they no doubt experienced those feelings as well. Yet through the turmoil and sadness, they were assured that this tragedy was not the end.

Courtney Canfield

In 2021, what started out as a young girl’s dream became a reality when Courtney Canfield was hired at WBGL. Now, she is a morning show co-host, and she still can’t believe it!

Since Courtney was a child, the on-air hosts at WBGL have felt like family to her. Now, she can be one of the voices that travels to so many others across the airwaves.

Marti Pearson

Does it really matter what you listen to? Marti Pearson is an exceptional volunteer for WBGL, and she discovered that listening to uplifting music is vital to her walk with God.

As with many of us, Marti’s faith has not been a smooth journey, but WBGL has given her opportunities to grow and pursue a relationship with her Savior in many wonderful ways.

Christel & Audrey Seyfert

Over its 40 years of life, WBGL has reached many generations and people from all over the world!

Christel and Audrey Seyfert are listeners of WBGL. Young Audrey tells a WBGL story from her preschool years, and her German grandmother, Christel, shares how God reached her through this unique station.

Gary Babb

Forty years ago, WBGL was attempting take root and grow in Illinois. Gary Babb, the first general manager of the young station, remembers that time like it was yesterday.

But after the station was planted, the soil was not always fertile, and Gary recalls that WBGL had to fight for its life. Yet, God strengthened the station and helped it blossom into the ministry it is today.