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WBGL is ThankFUL

Our WBGL staff is feeling thankful this Thanksgiving season and we wanted to share what we are thankful for with you….


“My daughter’s leaf collection.” ~Johnathon, The Morning Show


“I’m thankful for my family and friends. I’m also thankful for the freedom we have as Americans and especially the freedom we receive from our Lord Jesus!” ~Zoe, Business Sponsor Manager


“Warm weather and sunshine!” ~Meridith, Host of The Unfolding Podcast and Middays on WBGL


“I am thankful for my sweet husband, Brad; my two adult children, Aaron and Kaleigh, who make me so proud; and that I have God’s grace every day!”
~Jerilynn, Volunteer Coordinator & Administrative Assistant


“I’m thankful for God’s provision, especially during this season, and I’m thankful for community, for neighbors, colleagues, and friends.”
~Sarah, Community Engagement Manager & Saturday Evening Host


“I’m thankful for music that speaks to my soul.” ~Eric, The Afternoon Show


“When the sunrise is hot pink and orange
Iced coffee

Squishy baby cheeks
That we don’t have to have it all together for God to be delighted in us”
~Lindsey, The Morning Show


“I’m thankful God rescued me!” ~Denise, Business Sponsor Manager


“I’m thankful for Christ in me, for God’s faithfulness, for His never-ending love, for His mercies that never cease and are new every morning.” ~Ryan, Program Director


“I am so thankful for friends and family who pray, because I sure need it, for coffee & creamer (vanilla) in the morning, and God’s loving presence!! ~Weez, The Evening Show


“I’m thankful for life, for family, for my big dog Winston, for my friends, for good food to eat, and for my job.” ~Danielle, The Afternoon Show


“I’m thankful for God’s grace, today, tomorrow, and always.” ~Jeff, Station Manager