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Write Your Pastor a Letter

During the month of October, we celebrate pastors and those in ministry, because we are grateful for everything they do! If you have attended church for any length of time, chances are you have a story about how your pastor has impacted your life. Maybe it was something said in a sermon that really challenged you or changed your life? Has your pastor provided comfort during a difficult time? Encouragement when you were down? Financial assistance when you needed a hand? Whatever your story may be, we’re encouraging you to share it with your pastor first, and then with us! When you do that, you will be entered to win some great prizes.


Courtney from the Morning Show shares:

“I am passionate about doing what I can to encourage pastors. As a Pastor’s daughter, I saw first-hand the work my dad did for 20 years, loving the people in our church by finding the best ways to serve them and often putting in long hours no one knew about. Ministry work -while a joy- is anything but easy and often leaves those in leadership wondering if they’re even making an impact. I would love to see as many pastors as possible honored and encouraged through Write A Letter to Your Pastor!”

We are so excited about celebrating pastors and reminding them that their work for the Kingdom of God matters. Thank you for considering Writing a Letter to Your Pastor, and sharing it with WBGL.


Here’s how you can be a part:


Step 1: Write a letter to your pastor. It doesn’t have to be long (but it can be). Here are some ideas of what to include in your letter to your pastor: sharing how much your pastor means to you, Bible verses, written prayers, and stories about specific times that you have been encouraged and impacted by their work.


Step 2: Mail or hand deliver your letter to your Pastor. (Be sure to snap a photo of the letter or save a copy too, because we want you to share your letter with us!)


Step 3: Share your note with the WBGL Morning Show! You can type out your letter or submit a photo of it, whichever works best for you. When you do this, you will be entered to win prizes that Johnathon and Courtney will be giving away each day on the Morning Show during the week of October 18-22, 2021! Share your letter to your Pastor with Johnathon and Courtney by filling out the form below:


Write Your Pastor a Letter

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Please share with us the letter that you have written to your Pastor. You may submit the file from your computer or a photo of your letter. Please know that we may share your letter on-air!
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