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H Squared Leadership Institute

Business Support Partner

H Squared Leadership Institute offers management consulting, organizational culture, leadership training, and keynote speeches… delivered with infectious enthusiasm and an incredible love for people and for life.

Habeeb Habeeb, President & CEO of BPC & Founder of H Squared Leadership Institute brings a unique blend of business success and leadership combined with an infectious love for life, positivity, motivation, and inspiration. He speaks from personal experiences and ‘tried and true’ principles rather than simply repeating business and leadership theories. In other words, he has ‘walked the walk’ and ‘talked the talk’ and succeeded during prosperous times as well as during economic recessions.

Looking for keynote speaker to motivate your audience? If you are looking to boost the morale of your conference attendees, your employees, supervisors, church or civic group, or even your political gathering then you should absolutely consider Habeeb's positively uplifting and inspiring message. Habeeb Habeeb's passion is helping people and organizations thrive! Habeeb's talks and workshops are high-energy and all heart. His signature topics include: "Servant Leadership", "Creating a Service-Driven Organizational Culture", "Overcoming Adversity", "The Power of Kindness", "Ethics", and "Living a Life of Integrity."


PO Box 7172
Champaign, IL 61826-7172