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The Great Big Family Christmas Tour with Sidewalk Prophets

The Great Big Family Christmas Tour with Sidewalk Prophets is back, and this year is going to be better than…


Page 27 – Micah Tyler

Sometimes God gives us the choice to sacrifice something, and then trust that He is going to provide what we need. Micah Tyler is a singer and songwriter whose career started when he and his wife decided to give up safety and security and trust God to provide. That experience taught them a deep confidence…


Home for Christmas with J & L

The Morning Show with Johnathon and Lindsey is going to bring one person home for the Holidays! That person just might be you or someone you love! If you or your loved one is far from family this Christmas, and being home to celebrate the Holidays together would be the best gift, then call the…


Building Stronger Families and Communities

Recording Artist, Family Advocate and Life Coach, Tom Frye, encourages parents and grandparents to normalize and prioritize their faith in God, in relationship to their children. He discusses the difference between discipline and punishment and encourages parents to take time to invest in their most important small group, their family. He shares about his personal…


Giving Thanks Giving Food

November is the month of thanks… and giving! We’re making it easy for you to do both! When you share a list of what you are thankful for, a child with food insecurity will be provided with a meal. This is all in thanks to Kauffman Amish Furniture Outlet who is making a dollar donation…


Your Story Shares Hope


Recently, I’ve been told I may have MS. I’m waiting to see a specialist and to see what this will mean for me. I’m trying to stay positive but am still scared at the same time. WBGL has definitely helped me cope with issues in the past in ways that were beyond my control and I will…


I am thankful for the hope that WBGL brings to my family and listeners everywhere. My family has faced many challenges. My daughter has had seizures and migraines. The music of WBGL has calmed us, strengthened us, and given us hope.


I am a single mom raising a 14-year-old son who has Autism. I left a very abusive marriage and just finalized the divorce. The ONLY thing that keeps me going is listening to WBGL on my 45 minute ride to and from work and praying day and night. I know that God is the ONLY reason we…


A few weeks I was going through something where I didn’t see a way out. I turned on WBGL, and I heard the songs “Scars” and “Broken things.” It was something I needed at just the right moment. I’m so glad when I need to be lifted up all I have to do is get my phone…

Stressful Times

I wanted to take a minute to thank all involved in the radio broadcast and those that donate to this ministry. I work in a health care setting that can be quite stressful at times to say the least. I listen to WBGL on my computer while working. During the stressful times it is especially…

So Grateful

I have listened to WBGL for almost as many years that you’ve been on the air. Your station helps me stay calm in times of adversity. You helped me through two miscarriages and a still birth. You also helped me deal with my husband becoming disabled and the rebelliousness of my children. When I was…

Kitchen Radio

When we bought our home in the country a little over 2 years ago, the sellers left us a radio in the kitchen. I was overjoyed & praising God because the only station that comes in is WBGL. What a huge blessing!! Every morning I turn it on after I get done reading my Bible…