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  • Easter Egg Hunt

    Thu. Mar 22, 2018 (6:30 pm - 8:30 pm) Village Christian Church, 8965 S. Bell Rd in Minooka, will host the Annual Easter Egg Hunt. There will be 2 opportunities the "Under the Lights" h... More...

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  • WBGL is making a difference in Denver, Colorado


    I am from Central Illinois and recently moved to Denver, Colorado for a job. I have no family or friends here. It is just my fiance and I. I have been homesick and miss my 2 daughters terribly. My job can be a very stressful and back home I would listen to WBGL on my radio, it truly got me thru the work day. It made me stay positive and always reminded me when I felt overwhelmed or stressed to place it in God's hands. It reminded me that I am not in control, that God is my driver. Sitting here at work I started feeling overwhelmed and missing my family even more, I pulled up your website. I forgot that you can actually listen to the station even if you no longer live in the area. I am so thankful that I can continue to listen to the wonderful music that you play. I always enjoyed listening and laughing to both Johnathon and Lindsey and their wonderful stories. God continues to work on my heart and helps me thru feeling homesick every day. Praise the Lord and the amazing things he brings in our lives.