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WBGL Backyard Bounce!

Come bounce with us at a WBGL Backyard Bounce near you! WBGL sets up at a local park and brings…


Page 8 – Michelle Lewis

What do you do when God calls you to let go of your dream, but hold on to Him? That was the painful place Michelle Lewis found herself. And it’s also the place where she found a hope stronger than anything she’d ever experienced.


Business Over Coffee with WBGL

WBGL wants to help encourage business owners, business professionals, and ministry leaders as they walk out their faith in the business world. Business owners and professionals are invited to network with us and be encouraged by stories from some of our sponsors living out their faith in business. Enjoy complimentary coffee and donuts when you…


Seeking Deeper Insight

Seeking Deeper Insight Melissa Milbourn, Director of Business Sponsors Often, instead of asking the Lord to give us insight into a situation, we assess a situation simply by the surface level information that’s available to us. I was reminded of this recently, as I read the following scriptures: “And Isaac prayed to the Lord for…


The Big Screen with WBGL

Summer is a time for blockbuster movies, and a great time to have fun with your family and friends. We want to give you a chance to see some of the big movies this summer, on us! Let us know what movie you are most looking forward to seeing this summer and you will be entered…


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Stressful Times

I wanted to take a minute to thank all involved in the radio broadcast and those that donate to this ministry. I work in a health care setting that can be quite stressful at times to say the least. I listen to WBGL on my computer while working. During the stressful times it is especially…

So Grateful

I have listened to WBGL for almost as many years that you’ve been on the air. Your station helps me stay calm in times of adversity. You helped me through two miscarriages and a still birth. You also helped me deal with my husband becoming disabled and the rebelliousness of my children. When I was…

Kitchen Radio

When we bought our home in the country a little over 2 years ago, the sellers left us a radio in the kitchen. I was overjoyed & praising God because the only station that comes in is WBGL. What a huge blessing!! Every morning I turn it on after I get done reading my Bible…