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Papa Murphy’s Pizza- Decatur

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What is Take N' Bake Pizza?

Their Fresh Pizza. Your Oven. Not As Crazy As It Sounds.

IT'S FRESHER! They don’t have freezers. They don’t pour cheese from a bag. They make dough from scratch, shred cheese from blocks, and chop veggies by hand. It’s how you’d want to make the best pizza if you had all day to do it.

BE THE BOSS! You’re in control here. Choose your crust. Your sauce. Your toppings. Choose when you bake it. And choose who gets the last piece. Pizza that's ready for you when you’re ready to eat it. 

SERVE PIPING HOT! No cold delivery box pizza can beat the smell of a fresh pizza baking in your oven. And when you pull a sizzling hot pizza out, everyone finds their way to the table.

HAPPY EATING! Who doesn't love a homemade meal, but it can be hard to find the time. Go ahead, finish up that email, pick up the kids, or run that errand, They have your scratch-made dinner.


255 Mound Rd Suite B
Decatur, il 62526