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-James 5:16

The Prayer Center is a resource from WBGL to equip listeners to join staff in praying for those with prayer concerns.. Take a moment to browse through the requests below. If you prayed for one of the requests, you can encourage that listener by letting them know you prayed. In many cases, you can even send your prayer or a word of encouragement to their email.

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In need of prayer


I come to yall and asked for prayer for Riley , Rheann and Ashley. These 3 little girls, I saw on Face book, They are all friends in a hospital fighting cancer, They are very young, and Beautiful . They became friends while doing treatment. And their families asked for prayer. I was so touch by them, So I asked yall in JESUS NAME . please remember them in your prayers. Thank you very much and GOD BLESS



After posting my earlier prayer request I got a call from the investigator & as much as I would like to say it was good news sadly is was not. She now claims the evaluator is recommending my husband take a lie detector test & one other test in order to come home & because of these test feels we need to open a case on my family! I am feeling lost & hopeless. I feel my faith slipping because no matter how hard I pray it seems something else pops up. I've been praying so hard! Day in & day out! I cant sleep at night! I cant think! All of this hurt is killing me! Please I pray God PLEASE PLEASE let this be some sort of mistake! Let this be over with, something, anything but this!

Prayers for Ryan


I am asking that you include my little guy Ryan in your prayers….he has to have major ear surgery on April 30…his eardrum has completely disintegrated and there is a mass of disease in his ear. They will have to go in, take out the mass and then do an eardrum reconstruction. Pretty big surgery for anyone let alone a 5 year old  He had surgery yesterday to clean out some if the infection and yuk that was in there…had a hard time with it so VERY nervous about upcoming procedures!! Thank you for all your prayers.

Is there really a silver lining???


My family & I have been going through an incredible investigation with Child Family Services due to false accusations made by a bitter & deceitful family member. My husband is currently banned by Child Family Services to return home until the results of his test come back. We received a phone call yesterday from the evaluator who said that my husband tested in the range required for him to come home but for whatever reason people continue making false accusations against him so he felt it best the kids & my husband be supervised while around each other. We talked to the investigator who said she has to have the results in writing before he can come home. I am afraid Child Family Services will say he cannot come home because they cannot guarantee his supervision with our children. Please pray that the results will come soon & that he will be able to come home. Thank you & God Bless.

Tax Issues


My husband and I bought in to my family's business in 2013, and paid taxes based on our accountant's recommendations. We set some money aside knowing that we probably weren't paying enough. However, we learned today that we owe over $20,000 in taxes for last year, which is not even close to our accountant's recommendations. Please pray and believe with me that we find favor, and that the amount that we owe the IRS is not accurate.

Financial Stress / Prodigal Son


Hello, I am a single mother of a 19 year old young man. In March 2011 I lost my job at a bank due to cuts. As a result of that I began to have serious financial issues. My son quit college to get two jobs and help me financially but I have not been able to fully recover from my financial obligations. My son and I have always been close since he has never known his dad. I sacrificed my personal life to be a mother to him and have never dated again. I have been trusting God for my provision and God has always been faithful. My son and I were both members of Judson church in Joliet. Both of us were serving the Lord. A year ago in February 2013 my son came out as being gay. He has since then turned away from serving God. It has been a difficult year for both of us. He has been the one person I have been able to count on financially. I was finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and it looked hopeful that I would catch up financially. Our relationship has been strained as of the past year and as a result he is moving out. I am now 3 months behind on my mortgage and can't seem to get above water. I am requesting prayer for my financial situation, but most of all for my son to turn his life back to Christ. It has been pretty hard watching my son live his life in this way. I listen to your radio station all day long at work and in the car. It always helps me stay hopeful, but lately I have been feeling hopeless. I can't seem to shake this hopelessness. Please Pray!

Career, love, finances


Please pray I am still waiting on new employment, & better finances, bond is growing stronger please pray that it continue and God give me the sign very soon.

Missionary Friend


My friend is a missionary in Malawi and she was involved in a major accident. She is in critical condition and is being airlifted to Johannesburg. She is only 22. Thank you for your prayers.

Update on job search!

Christina McCullough

I have my second interview on April 21st, at 3:00 pm, it's with the CEO of St. Mary's Hospital, so I'm a little nervous about that. But if you would continue to pray that I get the job, that would be great! Thanks again for all your prayers, I really feel God is answering them!

My Teenage Son


Please pray for my teenage son's knee to heal quickly and well. he is having an injection to help him heal from 2 surgeries in the last 4 months. Most importantly please pray that my son will cling to God and listen to him through everything no matter what the outcome.

My wife's health


Please pray that God would heal my wife and she would be completely free from pain. I would also accept the Doctors could finally figure out what is causing all these problems and find a treatment that would work, Thank You



Please pray for me. My heart is breaking and I just want the pain to stop. Pray for the restoration of my relationship, and for finances to be sufficient.

Please pray


Please pray for my daughter. She has a job interview today Thanks



Pray my cousin will be saved.

Pray for God's perfect will


First of all, I want to thank everyone who has been praying for Mike for the past six months or so that I have requested prayers for him. Mike is addicted to crack cocaine - he is what I call a functioning crackhead so he is able to fool people. God revealed to me that Mike has been in jail since 3/31/14. Thank you Jesus! Pray that God keeps Mike in jail until Mike is a transformed man, until he surrenders the drug and his life to God if that is God's will. Mike has been using drugs of some sort for probably 30 years. He is going to kill himself if God doesn't deliver him from the drug. His body, his organs are not going to be able to handle much more of the damage that the drug is doing. Pray for protection from depression and whatever else Mike needs. Pray that Mike puts me on his visitation list if that is God's will. I haven't seen him in a while - pray that God prepares both of us for that first visit if that is God's will. Pray that God delivers Mike from the drug, the manipulation, the deceit and the lies that go hand in hand with the drug use. Pray that God shows me my role in Mike's recovery if any.Mike has court on Friday April 25th - pray for God's perfect will to be done, In Jesus Name, Amen.