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  • God Watching Over Me


    For 27 years, I lost contact with my biological father. Last Christmas, my Brother brought a Christmas card to me and asked me to sign it. I thought the card was for my dying step father, so I said yes and immediately signed it. I quickly realized the Christmas card was not meant to be for my step father but for my biological father. Well the card was sent without thinking anything about it, and a week later, we received a card back from our father. So one thing lead to another, around Easter, we were reunited with my father. Between that time my husband's uncle had passed away suddenly, followed by step father. Then we found out my grandma had brain cancer, and she passed away in July, followed by my cousin who passed away in August of this year. Then in September, my uncle passed away, and in October, we had another family member pass away. This year there has been 6 deaths in our family. Through it all, God has been there watching over my family as has your radio station!!!! Any time I get down, I know I can turn on the radio and a song will lift me up or something that was said will encourage me. Thank you very much!!!

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