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  • ACTS Meeting

    Mon. Mar 27, 2017 (7:00 pm - 9:00 pm) Maranatha Baptist Church, 1111 Harrison St in Covington IN, will host the Ladies ACTS Meeting the last Monday of each month at 6:30pm. Ladies are e... More...

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  • Always answers me

    I can't even begin to tell you what I've been through in the last 2 years. I came home from work one day and my husband of 19 years had run off with a woman he met online. He took everything e had in savings and checking, even stole the 401K plan. I had 4 kids with a house I could not afford. I lost the home, they took my car. It was a nightmare. I cried and cried many days and nights. My children have been through so much in their young lives. I found two jobs and were doing better, until I found out my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. I had to move to the country so I could afford our home and now I drive 30 minutes to work each day. I began listening to your station. You have no idea how much you've helped me. Your songs have brought me up on many down days. The song Blessings was one of those songs. Today as I was riding to work you had a discussion on how problems come in threes. That Friday is the tragedy Saturday is the grief and getting through it and our Sunday will come. I thank you for that as I wait for my Sunday to come. Thank you for helping me through some of my darkest hours. Diane