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The Unfolding

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This Week's Episode:
Page 134 - Blessing Offor

Nigerian-born singer/songwriter Blessing Offor immigrated to the United States when he was six years old, leaving his parents and five older siblings behind. It was a difficult choice his family made in hopes that medical care in America could heal his blindness. He was born with congenital glaucoma in his left eye. A few years later, a fluke accident left him almost totally blind in both eyes. It was a series of events that many people would consider tragic, but Blessing Offor considers a gift. Blessing has written songs like “Brighter Days,” “Tin Roof,” and “The Goodness” (with TobyMac). If you’re in a place where your prayers don’t seem to be answered and it feels like everything has gone wrong, Blessing’s story might give you a new perspective.

Blessing Offor

God is writing a great big story and you have a standing invitation to be a part of it. Every week, host Meridith Foster sits down with a guest to share their chapter in God’s unfolding story.

When you hear a story about God's supernatural work in someone’s life, it builds your faith. We have been gathering God stories – stories that will grab your attention, blow your mind, and fill you with faith. We’ve put them into the first ever WBGL podcast, called The Unfolding.

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