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-James 5:16

The Prayer Center is a resource from WBGL to equip listeners to join staff in praying for those with prayer concerns. Take a moment to browse through the requests below. If you prayed for one of the requests, you can encourage that listener by letting them know you prayed.

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Emergency Surgery and Heart Surgery

Dee A

I have two prayer requests. My sister Dawn is in surgery right now having stints put in her heart. She is only 52 years old. She has Diabetes. She has been on Dialysis with only 13% kidney function for the past two weeks. She was admitted in the hospital just before Mother's Day with low kidney function, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and congestive heart failure. The doctors say the low kidney function is primarily due to multiple kidney stones. This is about all I know. My nephew is the one relaying the information. A man that works for my husband was recently in a serious accident. The doctors say he had a stroke while behind the wheel of one of my husband's trucks. He apparently pushed on the gas and drove the truck into a light pole on a major Highway. There were no other vehicles or people involved. He suffered 8 broken ribs, a broken sternum, and a broken collar bone. He has been in the hospital since this past Saturday night. He had one surgery to set the sternum and the collar bone has been in recovery, but last night he took a turn for the worst and has bee rushed in for emergency surgery. Please pray with me for both of them.



Please pray for me. I don't ask for myself often but I am loosing paitence and don't know how this is in God's plan for me. I have been sick for 10 months now. I'm not dying (thank you God) I don't have cancer or any other awful desease (thank you again God) but it started with pneumonia, went to uncontrolled Asthma, on top of that I've had influena A, double conjunctivitis, a severe sinus infection, of course irritating the Asthma. I have little streagth and short of breath when I'm feeling ok. On top of this there was two loved ones back to back that became ill and died. I am holding on but loosing my grip. Please pray for strength, and healing. Thank you!

Daughter's health


Dear WBGL prayer warriors, please pray for my daughter. She has been having digestive issues and will be undergoing tests. She is my rock and is an amazing young lady. I know God is with us so I will not worry, but pray. In Jesus' name.

Prayers for my Nephew's family

Debbie K

My great niece took her life yesterday -Jayne was struggling with transgenderism and hung herself. She was 14 years old. May Jayne now be at peace. Please pray for peace and comfort during this very difficult time for Matt & Erin Georgia and their other 2 daughters Anna and Julia. . I cannot even begin to fathom what was going thru their mind when they found her yesterday morning.

Provisions and guidance


My husband and I are separating after 14 years of marriage and 16 years of total relationship.. We have worked a budget over and over on how to pay the bills and maintain separate lives and take care of our 9 yo son. There just isn't enough money to do so and my biggest fear is that we will have to remain together just to be able to afford to live and eat. This is not a healthy relationship and we have sought counseling, been down this road several times, and it is just better that we split and move on. I don't know what to do.. I don't know what to pray.. I know that God hates divorce, but we have tried everything and it is starting to effect our son and his mental health. Thank you in advance for praying..



My family has had a rough year, grandson was sexually abused, daughter in pain from car wreck they can't seem to find source of pain, shes losing her business, in debt, son moving cross country, best friend moving out of state, work is constant worry, and I am filled with dread, fear, and hopelessness. It is becoming incapacitating, and even now as I am at work, my eyes are filled with tears. Keep trying to hang on, but feel like losing my grip. Fears of the next disaster approaching, and I can't solve the ones we have now! PLEASE LORD, RELIEF

Serious family and house issues


We are praying for restoration of father and son. Our son Cody left home when he was 16 and he is 18 now. He has been living with my sister since he left home. We are praying for restoration and that he comes back home. We are also praying that we get the money to buy our home and that it`s given to us free and clear. Right now we are on Section 8 Housing, they pay for our rent. All of it. We just had a Section 8 inspection and we are praying that we pass that too. Thank you! Sincerely, Alan P

What now God?


Lord, I don't know what your plans are for me. Help turn my unbelief into genuine belief. Uplift my spirits. Help me to love myself for how you created me to be. Remove my insecurities. Make a way for me to find someone that I love and want to be with. Help me find a better job. These are my struggles. Only you Lord get my struggles/frustrations and sad(ness).

Daughter still struggling with depression


Please pray for my daughter 16 who is struggling with depression, anxiety and drug abuse. Her mother passed away a year ago. I had to take her to treatment (rehab) today. Please help me pray she finds the Lord there, that they help her understand this depression / anxiety and help her get it under control. They had to take her to the ER because she had lost weight and was only 102 lbs. Please help me pray.

Horse Camp


In need of God's guidance as I get ready for horse camp at Little Galilee. Prayers that I will teach the truth, help campers encounter God through music, and make decisions according to His will.

Please pray for friend with cancer


In September 2015 I asked for prayers for a friend who was diagnosed with stage 5 breast cancer and given 3 months to live. These amazing warriors went to prayer for her, she had surgery, took treatments and has made it this far. Last week we found that her cancer is back very strong. She has decided against treatment and for comfort measures. It is In her spine, liver, and bones. She is currently in the hospital with fluid on her lungs and has a very hard time breathing. She is needing platelets for her blood to be thick enough to do a Thoracentesis (to remove the fluid from around her lungs). Please pray for her to be comforted, and as pain free as possible. Also, remember her family. She has one son (married to my daughter) two grandsons and one great grandson a year old. (her reasons for fighting this long). I praise God for you and WBGL. I am so thankful to have you in our familie's lives. It's an honor to pray with and for you all and your needs and such a blessing to know there are others out there who love our Lord and His children. In His Love, Becky

Daughter found lump


My 30 year old daughter, Amber, found a lump on her breast. They are scheduling a mammogram, ultrasound, and blood work for next week. She is a single mom to a nine year old boy. I pray that it ends up being nothing cancerous or serious. It's just scary considering that the three generations of women before her have dealt with various types of cancer.

Traveling Mercies!

Daniel C

Hi my wonderfull brothers and sisters at WBGL!Asking special prayer for traveling mercies this weekend!Traveling about 30 hours day and night on the Greyhound bus and as you know anything can happen these days!GOD bless Happy Memorial day brother Danny 5/25/17



Please pray for me and my coworkers. My Commander is under investigation for sexual harassment and abuse of authority but individuals at our higher headquarters have made it known that they are in favor of Commander in spite of these serious allegations. I'm praying that our Commander be permanently removed from duty in spite of their support, which is based on our Commander manipulating the truth.

Lord I know you already Cancel the process of divorce thank you Lord


Almighty Father, You are omniscient, omnipotent and able to do things that are impossible for man. I humble myself before you today Lord and ask you to restore my marriage. Please bring my husband C... back to me so that we can fulfill Your word that those whom You have joined together let no man put asunder. Forgive me for my part of sin in this separation and show me what I need to do to restore my relationship with You and my relationship with him. I Pray, O Lord, to reunite us in Jesus name. Please have mercy upon us O God and I will always be thankful to You for restoring my marriage . I ask for the forgiveness of our sins. I pray for all those people who are may have come in between our relationship that you would set them on the right path and reveal to them the truth of your Word. I freely offer my forgiveness to them for their part in this separation. Fill us all with your Holy Spirit and guide us into your truth. I forgive my spouse for all the past hurt and pain and pray that you would cleanse my mind and my heart from carrying any thoughts that are not from you, in Jesus Name, Amen thank you Father God. Thank you all the warriors. God bless you all.... I really appreciate ur prayers...amen .. God is able...