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-James 5:16

The Prayer Center is a resource from WBGL to equip listeners to join staff in praying for those with prayer concerns. Take a moment to browse through the requests below. If you prayed for one of the requests, you can encourage that listener by letting them know you prayed.

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struggling at work


I am the only female at my labor intensive job. I've worked there for 2 years and have been feeling discriminated against for being a woman. Mostly being left out of tasks, because (I assume) either the guys don't want to ask a woman, or they don't think I am able to do the task. Lately I am having a really hard time with it. It's hard because this is my job and if my coworkers won't let me do my job because they don't communicate with me or ask for my help, I'm left feeling very useless at work. This has lead to me feeling alot of shame for being a woman. And I think I get some amount of value as a human from my job, which has been stripped from me. And also, I don't know if I am making this a bigger deal than it is, or if I need to address it somehow. It's an interesting situation because I don't have an onsite boss, so I have no one to approach to rectify the problem except for the people doing it to me. And honestly that terrifies me. I don't want to cause waves or drama. I believe God called me here, but Im feeling very alone, and also very incapable of holding it all together. I don't know who to talk to about this, or how to fix it. I guess I need God to move on my behalf, or give me wisdom, or help me to get my worth from Him and Him alone. I'm having a very hard time comprehending what it looks like to get my value from God and not be upset with whats happening to me at work. Could you please pray for me?

Healing and spiritual support


Hi my name is Ana I am in Texas right now I believe God called me to come and study here. I finally moved here this August. I I have lived in Illinois for the past 8 years and although I know it is Gods will I feel far away from home... I am going to school right now. But I got sick and I have been sick for four days literally in bed an unable to do my school work. With a really bad cold I have chronic bronchitis in the past. It feels like bronchitis but I have no insurance or money to go see a doctor. Please pray that Gods's Holy Spirit heals me... I am also asking for prayer so that I can move into the school housing soon. And that my current land lord acts fairly about me moving out. And I am asking for favor as I seek employment here where I am. More than a job provision from God almighty. And most importantly I feel I am fighting something dark, especially when I am at the place I am renting whenever I am going to work on my homework I get really tired and physical Ill. Back and neck pain especially in my left side... I ask for support in praying as I fight this darkness or this spiritual battle... That doesn't let me study God's word. I miss you guys so much WBGL My daughter and I pretty much become Christian because of you radio station. We started listening to you guys about 7 years ago and after a few years I begun to read a bible and to pray for direction to find a church... And in June 20, 2014 I accepted Jesus as my lord and savior. And my life changed..

Urgent Prayer Request - brain cancer


Dear Brothers & Sisters In Christ, I submitted a prayer request the other day for Bob who has a brain tumor. He had surgery today and it's bad. It's brain cancer and the doctors are giving him very little time.. His wife and two teenage daughters are devastated. As Christians, we know that GOD is the great physician and can perform a miracle. Please agree with me in prayer that Bob will receive a miracle. Thank you & GOD Bless, Jill



God stops Annie, Gloria, Lashunda, Vanessa and all those causing dissention and attacking God’s Ministries at Flipper Chapel and not let the devil win.Destoni Cobb-Beareavement-Mother passed.God keeps Darius and his car safe and everything and everybody around them safe.Pooh and Family-Bereavement.God’s Will for Kimberly in school.God protects Kimberly’s spirit, ministry and life.Tya is more respectful of mom and others.Rey is supportive of staff and not make accusations against them but trusts them.Juwanna get approved for Permanent Disability and Sleeve Surgery.Victory for Darius over money owed to school and student loans. Justice and favor for Kimberly with Elder Rhone getting rid of her as Secretary.Justice and favor for Kimberly in situations with Alicia, Ricky, Matt, Carl, Dana, Darryl, Lisa, Adrienne, Dana, Annie, Gloria, Annie, Lashunda, Vanessa,their entire family and everyone and God humbles them.Victory and Favor for Kimberly in completing Doctorate and Dissertation.God blesses Sis. Gray.God blesses and increases Kimberly’s Ministry.God blesses Flipper Chapel to get grant monies.Godly Wisdom, Guidance, Provision and Favor for Kimberly's Ministry and Flipper Chapel in Fayetteville, Ga.God grows Kimberly’s church and blesses spiritually and financially. God blesses Kimberly in position as Contracts Administrator and to learn computer systems and all work excellently and in Ministry.Ten new families to join the church this Conference year.God bless Revs. Milner and Bowers and their Ministry.God’s vision for Kimberly’s life and Ministry and Flipper Chapel to be manifested, Blessings.God blesses Flipper Chapel to get parking lot paved and church painted.God blesses Bishop Jackson and Elder Rhone to do right by Kimberly and to promote me according to God’s Will, gives Kimberly justice in situations with Elder Rhone, Dr. Rhone, Elder Hudson and Sis. Hudson, David, II and all Elders, Revs: Eason, Houston, Powers, Hill, Ramsey, Waddy, Cooper, all Pastors, Bishops and Preachers, Daniel and Anthony, Alicia, Matthew, Ricky, Darryl, Brandon and humbles them.od blesses Kimberly to be an Excellent Pastor and Preacher.God blesses Kimberly and Sermons with Triple Anointing, power and Holy Spirit by blessing them to be anointed, powerful, full of quantity, quality and to grow in length and Spiritual Growth and Promotion.God gives Kimberly a Word for His people for every time I preach, speak, pray, read scripture, worship lead or do anything for God. God blesses Bishop Jackson and Elder Rhone to promote Kimberly according to God’s Will and to do Kimberly right.God blesses Flipper Chapel with monies to pay budgets and all bills.God blesses Kimberly and, Justin, Juwanna, Darius, Tya, Gretchen and Julian with spiritual and God financial breakthroughs and saves their souls.God takes Kimberly to a higher level in Him and in Ministry.God stops the spiritual attacks on Kimberly, her family, life, children and her Ministry.

Help! I'm drowning in bills!


I'm working really hard to get off government assistance. The way it works is for every dime I make, they increase my rent. They increase my medical payments. They take away food stamps. The harder I work, the higher the bills. I understand the point yet I'm drowning. It seems that I go to work everyday, then I come home to a newly-increased bill. I'm exhausted. And this on top of grieving, I lost my spiritual mother last month. And physically feeling bad. Now, just feeling like I don't want to go on living anymore. I'm so overwhelmed.

Why doesn't God hear me?


Pray for me because God isn't answering my prayer. I'm losing my faith in Him being a good God.

God's salvation and help for many.


Pray for the Lord's grace, mercy, help, healing, salvation, peace, comfort, provision, and protection for: USA, Israel, Canada, Mexico, THE BODY OF CHRIST, me(Sean) & all my family/relatives, all I've prayed for, and all mankind as the Lord wills. Amen, thank you.



I am a 49 year old woman that has lost six jobs in the past 16 years. A week ago I had an interview. It would be a very good opportunity for our household and it is steady employment. Please pray.

Please pray for our Plan to strengthen the Discipleship Ministry


Please help us pray for our plans and efforts to strengthen the Discipleship Ministry in our Church. Please pray for God's marvelous grace to empower us leaders to push through. I really thank God for your ministry! God bless you even more!

A new day!

Daniel C

Hi my wonderfull brothers and sisters at WBGL!Asking special prayer this week the temps in the low 50's might force me as I am homeless to ride the subway at night which is so much more dangerous and exhausting!GOD bless brother Danny 10/1/07

Praying for Healing


I am having some health issues from not getting checked out for 3 years. I put the friend and ex boyfriend before me. I put the children before me. My friend is spending all his time with this new woman who is keeping him from being himself. It hurts watching this. She don't cook or clean. She buys him junkie take out food that is not good for him. She needs to say NO because she is being used by him. I pray she will listen to what someone is trying to tell her. I saved his life a few years ago. I am hurt because I did so much for him and get treated bad. He calls me in the middle of the night and saying he needs me and thinks I have someone else. I don't have anyone else and don't want anyone. I gave him my heart and feel he is the one love I will have. I am ok being friends like we were 2 months after we broke up. But since he has gotten this woman she is very unhealthy for him and it's messing with his head. I pray she will leave soon and stay gone. She is supposed to be getting divorced and he will not be much help for her on that. He can't pretend to be happy with her for long. His mental health issues get worse as it gets darker out in winter. She has no idea how to deal with him. I do because we were together so long. The children miss their "dad" and don't get to see him and know he has changed. It is stressing them out. I don't know what bad news I will get from dr. I will be able to handle it better with him. I know he loves me and pray he will show it.



I'm asking for others to pray with me to get our loan finalized to buy our new house so that we can use it to spread the love of God. To use this new house to show our love of Him. Thank you for your help

Prayer for Robert


We have been together for 5 yrs and recently he broke up with me I knew there was a deeper reason to the break up then what he was saying. Please pray for his healing from gambling. He lost a lot a lot of money and now we are to be homeless. He just told me about his betting. He was doing so well staying away from his addiction. Please pray for us. And he gets in this funk were he will dig a deeper and deeper whole because he is losing. I can’t do this on my own anymore. Please pray for us

Robert and Mykael


I ask for prayer today to help renew the love and passion in our relationship. I ask that the Lord renews the love in his heart for me. I don’t want to lose him and he’s fighting many demons. To the point that he thinks throwing me away and running away will solve his problems. Please pray that reconcile and start fresh and new. I pray for a financial blessing it will help us both as a couple as well in life. I pray I get this job at the bank. I ask if you guys can be my prayer warriors and help us be a family again.

Pray for my mother


My mother is very sick. Please pray for her. Thank you! Reijo