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-James 5:16

The Prayer Center is a resource from WBGL to equip listeners to join staff in praying for those with prayer concerns. Take a moment to browse through the requests below. If you prayed for one of the requests, you can encourage that listener by letting them know you prayed.

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The fight for Nate


Nathan is an alcoholic and is on the verge of death. He is diminishing mentally and physically. I have known Nate and his family for 4 years but God has put it on my heart here recently to work with the family on doing an intervention with him to get into rehab. I'm trying to raise money for Nate so he can get into a quality rehab facility. I TRUST AND BELIEVE by FAITH God is going to make a miracle happen! I need prayers for Nate and his family, for strength and peace and for the will to keep fighting. This family is not saved but I've been sharing Christ with them and I know through this experience they will be brought to salvation!! I would like to ask for people to come into agreement with me and help me intercede for Nate and his family so they can all walk into the victory that has already been won!!

Husband's depression


Please pray my husband be lifted from his depression. Pray for his wisdom to know when to seek help. I'm not sure he will listen to me.



Please pray for my brother. He just called me asking for money. He sounded desperate and erratic. I think he said he would take a stick and start hitting the walls. I believe that he's on drugs. His name is Chris.

Peace in our hearts


Please Heavenly Father you know what is making my heart heavy.please show me how to guide them. Please. Thank you for Jesus me..please uplift all families that are going through heart break. Please open our hearts

Prayer for friends


please pray for the salvation of my friends Binil, Paul and Laura C.

Guidance and peace


Please pray for me to use less electronics and social media. It is seriously affecting my life. I also need guidance from my Savior because I am not sure what is His plan for me. I am asking for a blessing to be disciplined, less angry, good parent and child, reconcile relationships and eventually find somebody emotionally special for me. Amen

Family in crisis


Please pray for my brother who allowed alcohol to take over and destroy his life. Because of his alcohol addiction he is now in trouble. My sister has stepped in to help. She has had to give up her life and fly across the country to deal with this crisis. Some people who pretended to be friends tried to take financial advantage of his situation. My brother will be going to rehabilitation. Pray that God will strengthen and heal our family including my Mother who is home bound caring for her husband who has cancer. This is a tough situation. I don't live close to my brother and my Mom doesn't live close. We need prayers for relief. Thank you!



Since I rededicated my life to Christ and I praise him more all kinds of things have been happening. Today someone threaten me because she thinks I'm cheating with her spouse but God knows I'm not and I trying so hard to get closer to God I just don't want her coming near me or trying to hurt me. I know its Satan trying to attack me

Pray for Health/Breathing


Barb needs prayer for her health issues. She had brain surgery 4 months ago, and then had more than one blood clot after the surgery. She is now still not healed and is very short of breath all the time. She can hardly do anything and she cannot work. She needs prayer for healing of this breathing problem so she can get back to a normal life.

cancer is a grain of salt compared to our god


Cancer seems to keep popping up around me.. Please say a pray for my Uncle Ricky and my friend Danny. Uncle Ricky 2nd time with cancer in 2 years and it spread to his organs. Doctors number do not mean anything to God for I know he has the power. Please pray that god continues to heal him and that cancer leaves his body and he gets healthy soon. Danny has 3 daughters 1,3 and 9. Melanoma cancer struck him for the THIRD time and needs radiation before they remove his kidney where the cancer is. Please pray for this journey to be short and god heals him oh so soon. Thank you, god bless you all!



I am 52 years old and have never had surgery before. Friday morning I am having surgery to repair a Labral Tear and frozen shoulder. Naturally, I'm terrified... Mainly of the anesthesia. I was told that I would have something in the IV and once I'm asleep I'll be intubated... Which is what scares me. I don't know why, it just does. Please pray that all goes well and that anxiety doesn't get the best of me before the surgery. Thank you so much!

Thank you all!!


I sent in a prayer request regarding my family in Texas that I hadn't heard from since the storm began, well thanks to you all for the prayers my father called me and all is as good as it could be!! I lost my two buildings but that doesn't matter because my family is safe. Love you all!

Messed up....again.


I would really appreciate some prayer today as we have an electric bill that is due today or will do shut off I have no one to blame but myself as I miss manage our finances I'm not very good at it and I don't know why I know the fundamentals I just have a hard time put into practice my husband and have a large family navigate life and everything just seems so overwhelming please pray today that God will provide a way to pay our bill otherwise we will be disconnected thank you.

Confused and tired


Just need help sorting everything out.

Prayer for wisdom


Please pray for a dad/husband that doesn't see what he is doing is spitting family spirit apart. By not showing love and caring. And also not doing much with us. And taking off work to do stuff with this one group. (Feel like they are his family) He doesn't ask for work off to do anything with his actual family. Even though he's asked to do it. The three of us just do the activities. Please pray he gets wisdom to see what he is doing. Before the kids realize he a absent father and starts to despise him.