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-James 5:16

The Prayer Center is a resource from WBGL to equip listeners to join staff in praying for those with prayer concerns. Take a moment to browse through the requests below. If you prayed for one of the requests, you can encourage that listener by letting them know you prayed.

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Foster Parenting & Stress Test


Please pray for my husband and I as we are going through the process of becoming foster parents. God had laid this on our heart to do something to help these children and we pray for the guidance and strength on this matter. Also my mother is having a stress test on her heart next week. Thank you.

Pray for my mother


My mother is sick. Please pray. Thank you! Reijo



My marriage is suffering please pray for us - Charlie and laura

Job needed in HVAC Serviced


My son Devin lost his job. He is very depressed. He has a degree and experience in HVAC. Please pray the Lord will open the door for the best possible job in service for HVAC. Thank you and God bless you for praying for him

In hurricanes path


Please pray for us and our community, we are in hurricane Irmas path here on tbe east coast of FLorida. It is an elderly community of mobile homes. Please pray the hurricane goes out to sea and not up the coast. Because many here have dogs we are not sure where to relocate. Pray for our safety and the Lords protection. P,ease also pray for my adult children in Fort lauderdale, that their condo stays safe. We are calling out to the Lord for His protection.

New job


Hello everyone I'm lucky I have a new job that I start on Monday however I have recurring back issues from prior back injuries and it just started to flare up and this is in a warehouse I was working in a call center my prayer is that the pain goes away and that I'm able to do this job because I desperately need the insurance for my wife my prayer is that the pain goes away and that another job comes into place thank you very much I am super excited about my new job but worried because if I can't do the job because of this back injury that I won't be there long and the benefits are amazing at this job

brother getting medical test today


My brother is 6 hours away and is having testing done on his heart today. There is a blockage somewhere and I am very stressed and worried for him. I cant be there with his because I am having biopsy's done this afternoon. I know that God will be with us and will guide the doctors but I am having a hard time today. Please pray for us. God Bless, Latana M

heart surgery


Please pray for Brad (30yrs), he is having heart surgery on Friday. In Jesus name! Thank you!

Anxious and needing peace / direction


This is a follow-up to my requests several weeks ago. I feel blessed to have learned of this group of prayer warriors and do feel your prayers. This is a critical next couple of weeks related to the job position I applied for that would keep me employed. I’m not able to sleep tonight and need to be careful of not sleeping as it affects my health... Please pray for peace, wisdom and guidance as I wait on the decision and for God’s plan to be revealed. Please pray for my health as I need some small surgery and treatments but don’t feel I can take the time off work. I plan to cancel the surgery scheduled for Tuesday. I just feel so much pressure with the job but know I should get it done while I have insurance too… Please also pray for this young adult that has come into my life and I am trying to witness too. He shares his faith is ‘complicated’ but has shared he really needs me in his life, that most people engage and then walk away. I feel God has me here for him and I realize it is for the long haul. Our pastor preached on loving the one others turn their back on and I knew God was speaking to me about this young man. Pray with me for my wisdom and sustainability. He lives several hours away but I was able to meet him in person a couple of weeks ago. Also please pray for both of my boys and husband. We just have a lot we are facing right now and could really use a lot of prayer. Thank you again for your prayers. I feel blessed to know others are praying with me.

Prayer for mother


Please pray for my mother. She is having repeat UTI infections that keep coming back even with antibiotics. The last antibiotic made her very sick and now she has another UTI. Please pray with me for quick healing and wisdom for doctors. Also pray that this UTI will be healed and not return. Thank you very much for joining with me in prayer.



I am requesting prayer for myself. I am 46 and I was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis 2 years ago. It is a terminal disease that causes scarring of the lungs and you slowly are unable to breathe. The scarring causes lungs to stiffen and they are unable to expand. I had never heard of this disease before I was diagnosed. The life expectancy is usually 3-5 years. I am thankful to God that I am still here. I request prayer for strength to face whatever is in my future, and also strength and comfort for my family. Also I pray to not fear and strengthen my faith. I pray that I can rest and be still and let God take the burden and fear from me. I know God listens to our prayers and I thank you for reading this and your prayers. Also I love your station. It brings me great comfort and joy. God bless you all . I love listening to you. Thank you again, Angela

need prayer


I have had to put a lot of money into my car my ex-husband moved in with me to help me out we get along well while now he is doing real good but I have very little money to put in my car I'm doing the single mother oil change on the 16th but I don't know how I'm going to come up with an extra $300 to fix the rest of my car they said I don't need to do it right away but I have to have $90 worth of work done right now as soon as possible if it wasn't for my ex-husband renting a room I don't know what I'm do I have to have the roof fixed on my trailer a new screen door on my front of the house I need a lot of stuff done in the house but it'll have to wait it is not major I need prayer to get through this cuz it is very hard I just want to give up. My ex is keeping me strong when I am I give up it is been a hard year for me I have been through a lot. I go to church and try to God close to me when it is really hard when you have no help up there and your family has given up on you they promised to do things and then they don't I have been trying to get a shed up here from my old house but they keep telling me they're going to get it up here but they don't I don't know when they'll get it up here I still have things at the old house that I would like to get but I can't get them till the shed is up here I lost my mom a year ago my best friend and it's been really hard my son is in jail and he'll be there for 3 years so I'm really appreciate the prayers

Electronics problem.


Please pray for me to stay off electronics when I'm not suppose to.thank you very much.



I need a good job opportunity soon in my hometown. Please pray God opens a place for me. Thank you all!



Prayer for baby Aubrey - born premature. She is doing well...pray for continued healing. Prayer for 3rd grader Steven undergoing brain surgery. Pray for a successful surgery and for healing