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-James 5:16

The Prayer Center is a resource from WBGL to equip listeners to join staff in praying for those with prayer concerns. Take a moment to browse through the requests below. If you prayed for one of the requests, you can encourage that listener by letting them know you prayed.

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God's Healing, Help, and Relief for me and many others.


God's Healing, Help, and Relief for me and many others – 1. Please pray for the Lord's grace, mercy, help, healing, salvation, leadership, peace, protection, and all God’s goodness for: USA; Israel; all of the Lord’s churches/groups/ministries/gatherings; the Body of Christ; me & all my family & relatives; all I’ve prayed for, & all mankind as God wills. 2. Pray that the Lord would deliver me and all who suffer similarly from: the Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), muscle cramping & spasming, allergies, acne, psoriasis/eczema/dermatitis (tormenting skin itching), rosacea (redness of face), depression/anxiety, and from all pain, distress, and discomfort.

Job Interview


Last week you prayed, for Suzanne's interview and the chance to be considered for the full-time position. Praise God, our prayers were answered. Although she hasn't yet been offered the job, she has been called back for a second interview. I am asking for prayers for Suzanne again today. She will go in at 2:30 for her second interview with the head of the department. Please pray that God will be with Suzanne today and that he will give her confidence in herself. That he will give her wisdom and discernment. That the department head will see Suzanne as someone who will be a good fit for that department. She is skilled, experienced, dedicated, passionate about her work and is praying as well. Let this be the door that God has provided for her. In Jesus name, Amen

Pray for Aini


There has been some change on Aini's breasts. Cancer? Please pray for her! Thank you! Reijo

panic attack


Last evening woke in a panic attack. Prayed and quoted scripture until I fell asleep. This morning an sore from the tension. Please pray peace upon me.

Praying for a miracle


Please pray for my friend that is on life support Thank you

Pray for my Young Adult Daughter Kaitlynn


Please pray for my daughter Kaitlynn. She graduated from college last spring and is finding her way in the adult world. She is compassionate and loving and works with Autistic children, and loves it. She is struggling with her next steps in life. What masters degree she should pursue and how she will pay for it. She is showing signs of IBS and is trying to figure out the proper diet to quelch it. She is also struggling with her confidence and accepting herself. Please pray for healing, insight, acceptance and that she feels the love that surrounds her from Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and her family and friends. Thanks, Anne

Place I'm living and my job


Its hard living with 12 people, espically the new ones. I need to get out of here. I want to live near my pregnant daughter. I have a job, please pray I get a place to live near my daughter. Please, thank u

Heart Problems


Please pray that my friend and coworker Dean doesn't die and will get better. He's in the hospital right now and has congestive heart failure. Thanks so much



Please pray a consecrated faith filled prayer of inpenetratable protection for me. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you, thank-you.

Though week


I ask for prayers for me and my family as II have been getting over having food poisoning for the last 3 days, I had a cousin's husband die yesterday form cancer and my Uncle passed away today from ALS... it's just been a rough week

Friendship and my income tax


Please pray for me that I will find friendship and that me and my best friend will stay strong in our friendship also I would like prayer for my income tax check to come as I'm need of it desperately thank you and God bless you



Praying God's grace for the our family as mom/wife/sister has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer this past month and has done one week of treatment. Now she is declining all future treatments and she is content and happy with her decision. She just wants to be made comfortable and to be at home. She has a lot of pain being managed and will possibly go home today from hospital. Friends and family are coming by and seeing her. Praying Family and friends strength to say Goodbye. We will see her again when the time comes. She is doing better than a couple days ago, but the cancer and tumors are so bad. We don't know how long she has. Not long. She knows God and she knows where she is going. The family has lost two (an aunt and an uncle) others to cancer this last 6months already. Praying strength and comfort and love.

Prayers for my dad


Please pray for my dad that he overcomes a serious illness.

Daughter college


My daughter has been accepted to the college of her choice. She was called and told she qualifies for a FULL scholarship. She had to fill out a survey. We are supposed to know this week. Pray that she gets it or that the Good Lord opens something up for us to be able to pay for the tuition and other things that are needed. Thank you!



My brother Adam has been sick. He is waiting to undergo some testing. They are suggesting that it may be a cancer or a tumor. Pray that it is something else. Also my cousin Ryan just diagnosed with a leukemia, he is in chemo now and his levels are better. Pray for total remission and cured A friend of mine Beth is sick, injured and depressed. She has been struggling with work finances and living arrangements. She is very depressed. Pray for healing mentally & physically & financially. A friend Mike. He is very ill a rare blood disease, he is dying. He has been fighting with social security for a few years. He has lost his wife, his home and he is homeless. He and his 8 yr old daughter are living with my parents while he is seeking medical help and fighting for his social security. Pray for a healing and his social security to come in. My cousin Jamie, recently seperated, prayer for protection, he husband has become crazy violent. Prayer for her children and her and also for an income for her. Thank you