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-James 5:16

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Prayers needed for my adult children and their spouses/fiancée


Please pray for my kids and their spouses/fiancée....pray that they will see the truth and let them feel love again in their hearts for each other! Pray for my grandchildren because they do not understand what’s going on in the family, they just know we can’t all be together due to conflict😢 I pray daily for reconciliation between my children but someone ( God knows who) just keeps the lies and stories stirred😢 We used to be a very close knit family that did everything together❤️ This will be our 2nd Christmas of not celebrating together! Thank you for praying for us❤️🙏🏻

A place to live


The apartment we live in is so bad it won't pass inspection. I have gotten sick multiple times from the apartment and this last time I almost ended up in the hospital. We have found a new apartment that is safer and has passed inspection. Only problem is that the rental company has not processed our application yet. I have been waiting a month. The place we live in is either going to have a fire or one of us may fall through the bathroom floor. It's that bad. My oldest daughter is coming home for school break this weekend after her birthday. She will be with us until Feb. The apartment made her sick when she lived here and I am worried about getting worse. I love my children and being the only parent has not been easy this last year with everything. So my prayer is that the rental company will approve our application and the carpet will be installed so we can move in this week. It's Christmastime and we haven't even been able to decorate or anything to lift spirits. Thank you for your prayers and have a Merry Christmas.



I am asking for continued prayer for my daughter as she seeks a job as a CNA. My prayer is that she will "be still" long enough to hear God's calling. I pray that she will be surrounded by godly people at work, those that can help nuture her and that this new job will have a MIGHTY influence on her 10 year old son!!! This is about more than just a job. As CS Lewis said "there is not one inch of neutral ground" here on earth. We are in a spiritual battle and who we spend our time with is critical.

Found hearing aid -thanks


On the way to church found the hearing aid in the drive way! So dried it out last night and it works. I thought for sure the frost and cold would kill it



1-Pray my mother's blood sugar level is normal and for her to be healed of type 2 diabetes. Also, pray she has no side effects from medication and handles stress well. 2-Pray my father is healed of prostate cancer and parkinsons disease. Also, pray he has good mobility, has energy and sleeps straight thru in the night. 3-Pray a confidential need of mine is met.


douglas w

pray that the city of mattoon il will pass on Jan 8th that they will let teen challenge in our city we need it bad

Prayer for a healed relationship


My mom has terminal cancer and you would think it would bring us close together but it has broken our relationship. She consults psychic mediums for major decisions in her life and anything I try to her to guide her in the right direction on what God says she refuses to listen. Not only is she not saved but our relationship is broken. My heart aches because I love her so much and above all want her saved but also want quality time with her without fighting. Thank you for all your prayers for us!!!

Lost hearing aids


Got expensive hearing aids and lost them at Olivet st the concert tonight. I can’t afford to buy new ones. Please pray I find them. I’m a teacher so I need them for work Monday morning

Need prayer


I could really use some prayer thank you

pain, hurting


Please pray for me, I am in a tremendous amount of pain.

Speedy Recovery for our Daughter


Strength to our daughter, Jennifer's, doctors and nurses, and to Jennifer for a speedy recovery from severe gastroenteritis. Guidance for exact diagnosis and treatment. She is back in the hospital. Thank you.

Happy Holidays!


Hi my wonderfull brothers and sisters at WBGL!Please say a prayer for me being homeless at 72 is hard enough but during the holidays it gets even a little harder!GOD richly bless you brother Danny 12/8/18 Count it all joy!

Young man


Please pray that he learns to take better care of our daughter. That he will treat her nothing less than a princess, protect her, prayer for her and be patient and loving especially when she is fighting her anxiety. Please pray that he becomes less materialistic and worries less about his status and popularity and more about being a good person. He has a good heart but I feel it’s always in a tug-of-war, please let the good pull him over and fast. Lots of prayers may help speed that process.

My step mom


Found out last night my dad found her unresponsive when he got home. She had a hemorrhagic stroke and is now on life support. She had emergency surgery to remove the blood off the brain, now we wait to see if she responds. She is on life support and we are in need of lots of prayers please. Thank you

Prayer for kitten's safe return home

Anna B

Please continue to pray. My kitten who is 7 months old Zoey Grace is still missing now 4 days. The weather is very cold and I do not know if she is alright. My dad paid some men to put a tarpoleon on my trailer roof to keep the rain out and they bolted the tarpoleon down. I hope she is not under the tarpoleon on the roof. I need your prayer for her safe return and peace for me.