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-James 5:16

The Prayer Center is a resource from WBGL to equip listeners to join staff in praying for those with prayer concerns. Take a moment to browse through the requests below. If you prayed for one of the requests, you can encourage that listener by letting them know you prayed.

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Sell our Apartment


Please join us in praying for the sale of our apartment.. it has become a financial drain...we want to sell, pay debt off and live financially responsible... please God help us to live within our means.. and not borrow from Jesus Name we pray...Amen



sugar levels are high

Pray for Heidi


Pray for Heidi. She is in the hospital and waiting for baby to be born. pray that everything going fine. Thank you so much! Reijo

Need serious prayer


Me and my wife and our family, animals and property need serious prayer right now.

Prayer Request for Freedom from bondage


Dear Partner, I would like to ask a prayer through a person who has REAL INSIGHT, CHRIST POWER above diabolical and occult powers. For many years now I am in a windmill battle for my material blessings. I know the gospel of God and I apply it on a daily basis, yet I am in constant battle in my mind. Sadly I can not see the TRUE ROOT of the problem. This issue has became tiring, I have no money left and debts did not stop. I am in need for immediate true SPIRITUAL and PHYSICAL breakthrough. I want to fulfill my Heavenly Father's calling and I am asking my Heavenly Father to open in my path the gates (doors) that Satan can not close. ,,For the kingdom of God is not in word, but in power,, May God Bless your services. Mr. Imre from Romania

Lord Jesus I continue to ask.


Lord Jesus I continue to ask for strong protection for my family and I, esp. the little one (I plead the blood of Jesus and ask for a wall of Holy Spirit fire around each of us and your mighty warrior angels to surround us according to Ps 91, Ps. 34:7, Zech. 2:5 and Isaiah 59:19) and I ask for salvation, deliverance, healing and a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit for my whole family and I. You know how difficult and painful things have been and still are but help me not to lean on my understanding but to trust you. I pray for encouragement and strength. I pray for supernatural trust, your trust Jesus and your faith. Pour your love into our hearts, give us new hearts and new minds full of love, peace, joy, manifesting all the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Restore our souls. Restore what seems so hopelessly broken. Save us, deliver us. Please Lord Jesus I cannot help but keep asking you that I can be back in the little one's life regularly. Help please. Thank you. I also pray for mercy and salvation, revival around the world, in Israel and Jerusalem and everywhere, among all the Jews and all the Gentiles. Have mercy Father and please draw multitudes to Jesus even in this very late hour. Also praying for all those in harm's way or suffering because of violence, abuse, disaster, war etc. Please protect all children. Especially those in abusive situations. Please deliver them. Please also protect and bless all those praying and their loved ones. Thank you Jesus, thank you Father.

prayers for loss of grandpa


Prayers for comfort for my 9 and 7 year old. Their grandpa passed away this week and they are having a rough time. They miss him so much. Their names are leah and harley

First trip away


My daughter is on her first trip away from me with her colorguard team for a competition in IN. I ask that you join me in prayer for safety in the hotel, in their hotel rooms and in a different town. I also ask for prayer for the girls to work together and put on a great show because they have worked really hard. In addition, please pray for safe travels home for all the families that drove out to the competition.

I need a place to live


I am in need of a place to live. I am rebuilding my finances from a long term blow and am barely making ends meet. I graduated from collage last year and have started a new job. My children are grown and in college. So proud of them! Renting an area in a home, in law suite, trailer, or apartment with utilities paid and close to $500 per month would be ideal. I am in the Aurora area and work in Lisle. Please pray that I find a place quickly for me and my two precious cats. The house I am in will be put up for sale as soon as I find another place, so I need to leave soon. They have allowed me to stay for a few months for very little rent. God has faithfully brought me this far and I know He will faithfully continue to provide for me. I am so grateful. Thank you.

Prayer Agreement Request


Prayer Agreement Request from Sean in Silicon Valley, CA, USA – God’s complete healing for many: Please pray for the Lord’s complete healing (even His supernatural / miraculous quick physical healing, and pain / anxiety relief), full household salvation (Acts 16:31), safety and protection, and perfect peace for: The USA and Israel, all of the Lord’s churches / groups / denominations / ministries / gatherings world-wide; all of God’s people (THE BODY OF CHRIST); me (SEAN, MY MOM PATRICIA, MY SISTER KATHLEEN) and all my family and relatives, all whom I’ve prayed for, and all of mankind as the Lord wills. Amen, thank you.

Please pray for


pastor Wade at Victory Baptist and also for Tim to be baptized.

Job transition


My husband recently changed roles within his,company and it has been a very challenging transition. At times, he has voiced concerns that this may not work out. I am asking for prayer for him, thet he would seek and hear from God and trust His will for his life and for mine, as well.

anxiety/panic attack


I have continued struggle with anxiety and panic attacks, rationalizing my health and that I am okay



I feel so alone tonight and not connected with God. I am a youth minister so I feel pressure to be spiritually fit but I'm just not right now. I feel like I'm in a rut and don't know how to get out of it. Thank you for praying.

Healing for My Wonderful Mother


Please agree with me in prayer in the name of Jesus for healing for my wonderful mother. She is feeling discomfort in chest and back, squeezing feeling in sinuses like they're trying to close, heartbeat feels irregular. Anything asked in His name shall be given. By His stripes she is healed in the name of Jesus and has life more abundantly.