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-James 5:16

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father recently passed away


Prayer for Cody who recently lost his father to cancer (he was only 54 y/o)

protection and healing


Prayer for my husband and son as they are going to be meeting and spending time together this weekend. Need healing for their relationship.



I'm behind on my bankcupty and I'm scared I'm going to loose my car and I hadcto move and I don't have the money I'm just tired so tired of praying for help



Please pray for me not to have any anxiety or fear esp. this Friday, when I need to make a 10 hr round trip. Thank you!



My husband has a health test, for his job right now (he's a fireman/paramedic), and he is scheduled to have hip surgery, on the 22nd, but he hasn't let his job know yet. One of the aspects of the test, is running on a a fast pace. He is very determined, and I wouldn't be surprised if he did fine, but I just ask for prayer for him, that he won't be stressed, and he can be at peace...that he can keep his job and that we will know that God is in control, and He knows what He's doing. Thank you so much!

Prayer for adult children


First prayer: My oldest child, has been talking more and more about how God will do for him. In the past he didn't want to hear about God. I asked him if he wanted me to get him a bible, at first he wasn't sure then he told me to go ahead. I so thankful that he's looking towards God. That's a big PRAISE. Now because he is special needs, functioning, I would like to know how to guide him or what I'm supposed to do next. Second prayer: My daughters' and mine relationship went south several years ago. I wasn't such a great mother. I had my own emotional problems that got in my way. I've had to work on those and still am. Back to my daughter, in the past I've sent her birthday and Christmas cards. She's living with her boyfriend who's twenty years older than her. I don't know if he's having an influence on her or not. Anyway several months ago I found out that she and he have moved to a different apartment in the same complex. I was told that she didn't want to hear from me anymore. I'm sad and depressed about this whole situation. So is this like the Bible says, bad paraphrasing, that mothers will be against daughters and sons against fathers? I want to believe that our relationship can be healed but I would like to know what God has to say. That it's best to move on or what.

Healing Prayers for my Mom and myself


Please, lift my Mom (age 73) up in your prayers as she was diagnosed with colon cancer. She is losing blood, and they are doing Iron IV's to build the blood. She will have surgery to remove the mass in the colon and 12 lymph nodes. Please, pray that this is all contained in the mass and not spread any further, so no further treatment will be needed after treatment. She has been a dairy farmer all of her life, still getting up at 4:30a.m. and milking cows twice a day, pray that she can take a break! Also, please, pray that I continue to heal from mold biotoxin illness as I have just passed the 1st step with normal c4A after 14 months of binders. Also, pray that I get rid of the toxoplasma gondhii infection in the intestines causing an autoimmune disease of the brain and tons of neurological inflammation. Pray that this all heals, and I can function again! Praise God, for the report of NO LYME disease this week. Thank you!



Please pray for my marriage.



I have been praying for various things and a brother told me that some of the things I have been praying for I shouldn't pray for. it sent me spiraling into confusion. now I'm fearful and nervous... not sure what I can and can't pray for. just woke up from a bad dream... I'm just confused now and don't know what to do.

I feel my marriage is over


We have been married 7 years, he had had a bad divorce prier to me. that got him drinking when he had to handle anything with his x-wife after we had got married. but it has gotten worse. he had been to 30 day rehab twice in the 7 years we have been married, but the past 3 years have been a nightmare. from may of 2016 to the present he has been fired from 6 jobs all good jobs. he is back to work with one of his past jobs which was very lucky of him. but he seems not to care about anything when he comes home. he works on a tow boat gone 28 to 40 days and home for 14. but when he is home he is drinking and passed out most of the time. taking away from what time we have to spend together, but once he is getting ready to go back to work he cleans up and is all good and straight. so much has happened financially, I have tried to hang on and pray and not give up, all the while hoping something would open his eyes. but nothing, I put on a smile and pretend all is good and fine to family and friends, but I know they know its not., he had even been court ordered to take AAA meetings and counseling for the past 2 years,. I ask him if he gets anything out of the meeting and classes and counseling, he says I tell them what they want to hear. I do not want to give up on my marriage. but I can not do this anymore. I ask him don't you want to change? his answer is, I am the way I am it is to late to change. my response to that is " you have until you take your last breath to change"

My son Anthony...despair is really getting him and I'm worried


Prayers that Anthony will be able to figure out some way to get his rent money so they don't get evicted from their apartment. They've already received their eviction notice. He needs to get some help with his anxiety issues and get himself on track. He needs a job to get his confidence back and get the money he needs to live. And with all his issues right now - and the depression and anxiety that seems to be overtaking him. He's back to talking about suicide again and I know he needs help. But he lives an hour away from me currently. He could be homeless soon. I'm worried about him. He's 27 so he needs to figure this out for himself. His girlfriend doesn't seem to be on the same page to make sure they get their rent paid even though she's working and supposed to be paying for half of it. Praying for Anthony for wisdom and guidance and peace and that somehow he'll come up with a solution that will get him on track. Praying for God's intervention that maybe will put someone in his life that will lead him in the direction that will get him on a better path.



Asking for prayers for a family who's son took his life last night. His girl also needs prayers .



My mom and I are struggling a bit right now in terms of finances. I work as a substitute teacher and trying to make ends meet. Mom is trying to find more work. Prayers for guidance, wisdom and discernment. Thanks so much!

In need of a new job opportunity


Please pray I am blessed with a new job opportunity.


Brenda N

This is praise report. I know WBGL has been praying for my daughter, Amy Grove (Nevitt). She was experiencing severe headaches. So bad, she could hardly function. I would like to PTL - her headaches are almost completely gone, and she is completely back to normal. Thank you so much for your prayers. God is so good!!!