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-James 5:16

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Prayers for Peace


I am asking for prayers to help me through a frustrating experience. My mother, whom I haven't had anything to do with in 10 years has recently been diagnosed with CHF. She also has a list of other medical conditions including mental illness, which do not help with the latest. She recently moved from assisted living to a nursing home, where she will spend the time she has left on earth. I feel I have been thrown back into the life I lived before I cut ties with her and moved on with my life. I have been struggling to make peace with my past with her before she leaves this earth for good. It has been a pure challenge. Not just with her, but also my siblings who are more concerned with mom's material belongings than her. On top of this, I have also felt pressured with my job in a church by the pastor and others on the staff about this situation with my mother. The whole experience is making me not want to go to work at all. I have even felt the stress in physical ways since this re-connection with my mother 2 weeks ago.



I had surgery in the spring. I was unable to work over the summer, but didn’t qualify for disability. Bills piled up. My husband works, but it wasn’t quite enough. I have returned to work in August and we are still playing catch up. There just doesn’t seem to ever be enough. We have a daughter in college, a daughter in the Army, and a daughter in high school. We try to support and to help them, but times are too hard. Prayers for a better then min wage job, for patience and strength. With the holidays around the corner, I’m not sure how we will get through. Thank you

Victory for my son


Please continue to pray for my son, Wesley. He is going through a divorce. Battling to spend time with his children. BHr is in a battle for custody of them. I know God is working for him and the children. I'm believing God to show His Grace and Love in situation. I miss my grandchildren so much. I try to keep encouraging my son with God's Word. I just believe in my heart that God is working a miracle in his and the children's lives. Thank you and God bless you all.



First, I would like to thank everyone who has prayed for me and my son. However, we are in need for prayer for; Me to pass my Certification test and my son to find a career job. Thanks

Prayer for 4 areas of my life currently

Anonymous G

Hello - I'll get straight to the point. I've been praying about this for awhile. 1) Prayer for my mom to be more determined, motivated, confident to do eat right (or eat for that matter. Has this notion that 1 meal a day is enough for her. She is healthy, mobile, etc) & to Exercise Right. All so that she can gain strength in her upper body/lower body. She's not old, but I need prayers now... before its too late. 2) Prayer for me to do real well in ALL of my MBA courses the first time I take it. Classes are expensive and I do not want to retake courses. And of course to have great professors who I can learn well from. 3) Transition to a better job soon 4) To find a Godly woman to pursue soon. Feeling discouraged after not finding anyone that will accept me. I just want a Godly woman, a believer, and someone who goal oriented (career/personally). Thank you

Soften hearts


I am asking for your prayers for our family. We have had misunderstandings and fights the last couple of years and hearts have hardened. We can’t even get together at holidays anymore. I want Gods will for our lives and for hearts to soften. Thank you so much for your prayers!

A Grandmother's Hope


My son and his wife have already lost 3 babies. 2 were identical twin girls sent back to Heaven at 5 months before their earthly birth. 1 was an ectopic pregnancy. I would really like to have them be able to conceive and carry successfully to term a child of their own. I know it is their desire and Even If God's answer is no, maybe adoption would be possible.



Please, pray for my friend who has a daughter with a severe medical condition. Her daughter takes a huge emotional toll on her. She is grieving the loss of her extended family as there has been horrible family conflict and she has been rejected. This woman has developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from the trauma of everything colliding at once in her life. Today she reports feeling hopeless and lonely. Please, pray for her to find comfort in the Father and to find a new connection with Him that will support her through this difficult time.



Please Pray for my sister who has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer. Pray that the Doctors have Confidence and Knowledge to guide her and heal her. GOD please continue to give her Strength and Hope. Praying that the treatment will Heal her and that she continues to BELIEVE in Prayer and Healing. AMEN.

Safe at last!

Daniel C

Praise the LORD thank you all my wonderfull brothers and and sisters at WBGL!I have arrived safely in Florida thanks to the grace of our wonderfull savior and your prayers!Trust me I needed every word of your prayer I was delayed 2 days but when I finally went it was quite pleasant but still one step ahead of trouble I felt your prayer support the whole ride which is such a huge blessing because I was so tired so please keep me in prayer this week as I recuperate and follow the LORD!GOD richly bless you brother Danny 11/7/17

Prayer for mine and all marriages


My husband and I have been going through a difficult couple years. Now more than ever I see the devil is attacking marriages across the globe. Although I don't believe in divorce that's been the topic the last few months between us. My husband and I have lost ourselves. I desperately need to get back to the couple we used to be where God was the center of it all. I'm in need of prayer not just for my marriage but for all of those who can relate. I know the love is not all lost and even though we face many problems, I know nothing's impossible for my God. Please help in starting a prayer chain for us and those like us. We need a miracle for our marriage. I also pray for healing for my husband and mother who are overcome with health issues. There is power in prayer and I claim healing in the mighty name Jesus. Thank you for your support and have a blessed day!!!! Where two or more are gathered in his name there he is!!!



Healing for Wanda.Healing for Renee.Darius gets car fixed with no problems.God blesses Darius at work with Protection, Favor and Peace.Deon-Healing, Audrey-Healing.Brandon for healing and not lose eyesight.Joan-healing.God stops Annie, Gloria, Lashunda, Vanessa and all those causing dissention and attacking God’s God stops Annie, Gloria, Lashunda, Annie, Vanessa, April, Kimberly Bradford and Rey, Stephon and all those causing dissention and trouble and being evil.God blesses those in Texas church shooting.God blesses Flipper Chapel to win souls and to grow.Ministries at Flipper Chapel, stops them from calling the Bishop and Elder on Pastor Lyons and not let the devil win.DeWitt-healingJuwanna gets a new job.God keeps Darius and his car safe and everything and everybody around them safe.God’s Will for Kimberly in school.God protects Kimberly’s spirit, ministry and life. Rey is supportive of staff and not make accusations against them but trusts them.Juwanna get approved for Permanent Disability and Sleeve Surgery.Victory for Darius over money owed to school and student loans. Favor for Kimberly with Elder Rhone getting rid of her as Secretary.Divine intervention and favor for Kimberly in situations with Alicia, Ricky, Matt, Carl, Dana, Darryl, Lisa, Adrienne, Dana, Annie, Gloria, Annie, Lashunda, Vanessa, their entire family and God moves them out of the way and God humbles them.Victory and Favor for Kimberly in completing Doctorate and Dissertation.God blesses Sis. Gray.God blesses and increases Kimberly’s Ministry.God blesses Flipper Chapel to get grant monies.Godly Wisdom, Guidance, Provision and Favor for Kimberly's Ministry and Flipper Chapel in Fayetteville, Ga.God grows Kimberly’s church and blesses spiritually and financially.God blesses Kimberly in position as Contracts Administrator and to learn computer systems and all work excellently and in Ministry.Ten new families to join the church this Conference year.God bless Revs. Milner and Bowers and their Ministry.God’s vision for Kimberly’s life and Ministry and Flipper Chapel to be manifested, Blessings.God blesses Flipper Chapel to get parking lot paved and church painted.God blesses Bishop Jackson and Elder Rhone to do right by Kimberly and to promote me according to God’s Will, gives Kimberly favor in situations with Elder Rhone, Dr. Rhone, Elder Hudson and Sis. Hudson,David, II and all Elders, Revs: Eason, Houston, Powers, Hill, Ramsey, Waddy, Cooper, all Pastors, Bishops and Preachers, Daniel and Anthony, Alicia, Matthew, Ricky, Darryl, Brandon and humbles them.God blesses Kimberly to be an Excellent Pastor and Preacher.God blesses Kimberly and Sermons with Triple Anointing, power and Holy Spirit by blessing them to be anointed, powerful, full of quantity, quality and to grow in length and Spiritual Growth and Promotion.God gives Kimberly a Word for His people for every time I preach, speak, pray, read scripture, worship lead or do anything for God.God blesses Bishop Jackson and Elder Rhone to promote Kimberly according to God’s Will and to do Kimberly right.God blesses Flipper Chapel with monies to pay budgets and all bills.God blesses Kimberly and, Justin, Juwanna, Darius, Tya, Gretchen and Julian with spiritual and God financial breakthroughs and saves their souls.God takes Kimberly to a higher level in Him and in Ministry.God stops the spiritual attacks on Kimberly, her family, life, children and her Ministry.

Seizure in family dog

Seaman Family

I know compared to others needs, this may seem tiny, but to our family our dog Moby is important. Last night he started having (2) major seizures. It’s very scary for him, our son and us. We are hoping to get him to the vet today to find something out. We don’t want him suffering and we also do not have thousands of dollars laying around to spend at the vet. We are hoping to be able to do some blood work and maybe a few X-rays and simply be able to get some medication for him. He you could just pray for us all, it would be appreciated. Thank you.

Marriage restoration


Please pray for my husband and I. I’m really struggling with the strength to keep fighting for my marriage. Every time we make a little progress it feel like we take steps back. Please pray I have the strength to fight for complete healing of my marriage. That our commicating would improve. That the lovingness would return. That I could keep all the negative thoughts at bay. That our young daughter not be affected by this. That promises would be kept. That we could all be reunited very soon. That I would finally start to see some huge change and process

Open doors


Pray for my son Jacob. He is looking for a new job. He has had a few interviews, no offers. Pray for wisdom, and for doors to open to challenge him and give him direction in his career. He is discouraged and needs for a door to open. Prayer food thanksgiving for all the blessings that God had bestowed on me and my family. Prayers for healing for family members. In Jesus’ name.