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-James 5:16

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My grandfather surgery and boyfriends salvation


First I would like to ask for prayer for my 70+ year old grandfather who just had surgery today. They say that he is bleeding more then he should be. Please lift him (Juan) up in prayer for a fast recovery. Second I would like prayer for my boyfriend Adam to find Jesus. He believes in GOD but is not a Christian. I can see God softening his heart but he has not yet accepted Christ. Please pray that he would be willing to go to church with me and also that GOD will use me if it’s his will. I pray for anything that would change him. ANY extreme to happen. I know that when we are broken God is able to amazing things. He is a stubborn man and I think it will take that. BUT I know God can use anything to change us. Thank you GOD for all the people who pray for me and my family and may you bring Blessings upon them. In Jesus Mighty name I pray AMEN!



I am asking for prayers for my husband and our two sons. They all work together and my husband does not appreciate them like he should. He is really hard on them and I am asking for prayers for his heart to be softened and a piece that passes all understanding for him. Our boys try hard to stay true to God but it is hard when their dad is so hard and controlling to them. They both have amazing talent and all they want is for him to appreciate them and compliment them not tear them down. Our minister this morning said to pray specifically and boldly. He reminds me of Bart Millard’s dad, he is not physically abusive but he is verbally abusive and I know and believe God can change anyone. I have heard lately he does not change our circumstances but if we truly believe he will help us through them. I am praying specifically, boldly and believe he will answer and I am just asking you pray with me. I appreciate your prayers



My friend's mom was just diagnosed with cancer in her chest area. Please pray for her. It is her second battle with cancer. Also, please pray that she would come into a close relationship with the Lord. She may pray occasionally, but I do not think that she really knows Him.

Marriage healing prayer


It's been 7 months since I found out about the affair. I found out last week that he's still talking to her. I'm broken... First and foremost, he needs to accept Christ. He needs to stop drinking. Father God, heal us, heal our marriage, forgive us when we fail. Show me, Lord, what you want me to do ! I'm hurt , broken , and don't know what to do. I love him... Please pray for his salvation. God , I need you ... we need you ...

Favor at work


Just got an unexpected promotion at work. Praise be to God! Please pray that I over exceed expectations and make a great mentor and supervisor.

need house to sell


I recently moved, I prayed and prayed and I know that I made the right decision and that I am following God's path for my life, there is no doubt in my mind that this was God's will for my life... since I moved, I put my house up for sale, but it still has not sold, please pray that God will send the buyer soon. I want to be free from that old life so that I can full enjoy what God has in store for me here. Please Jesus, help me, please Lord Jesus, I cannot keep making the payment on that house, please help me. I followed you Lord and I want to be able to stop looking backwards, but I can't do that as long as I still have that house, please Jesus, I need your help. Amen.



Since my divorce a few years ago I haven’t been the same. I’m lost I can’t find happiness. Every day is a struggle, they say times heals all wounds but it’s still so hard.i don’t know what to do I feel like God is upset with me. I’ve asked for forgiveness but I’m always coming up short. I lost, scared, tired, and weak! I need peace...please God help me!



Please pray for my 21 year old granddaughter who has already had to extensive surgerys for melanoma skin cancers. Now she has a spot on her lung that I'm praying isn't cancer!!!! I listen to WBGL all the time and would appreciate all the prayers you can get for her!!! Thank You!!!!!!


Foster Mom

I have been a foster mom for 30 years in May. I keep in contact with a majority of the kids that have been my own. Two of them in the past 13 years I've lost contact with due to the birth families choices of them not wanting us in their lives. Legally if a foster child comes back into care they're to contact the original foster parents. Back in September this did not happen and I received a phone call last week saying my foster daughter that is turning 11 today that I had 2 years ago came back into care and no one called me. She's currently in a home an hour away from me and wants to be in contact with us. We are excited to make contact with her and see her. My husband is harder to convince to open our house. If it's his idea then that's great but if it's not not so great. My heart is heavy worrying about this girl. And I want to be part of her life as she continues to grow. I need prayer for the child and what is best for our family and her. My daughters would love to have her come back in her home and stay forever and honestly unless she is changed drastically in the past two years so would I. And she wants to come back and live with us. Please pray for my husband's heart to be softened and bless our family in this little girl's family and Future. Thank You in advance for the prayers



I had written a prayer request for my dear twin brother who had kidney failure and was on dialysis. Last week he passed away in his sleep. This was totally unexpected- he was only 57. He loved the Lord with all his heart and soul. It is me who is heartbroken because he was a part of me.We were so close. I was his caretaker, friend, confidant. He adored me and always told me so. My grief is sometimes overwhelming. Prayers are welcome as his memorial service is next Saturday the 21st at noon. ♥️



pray for blessing over hettie to be heal from asthma & ear pain on right side in jesus name amen.

lung transplant


Amanda is my niece who at 9:15 CST on Sat. 4/14 was transported to the hospital to be prepped for receiving a double lung transplant (as a result of cystic fibrosis). Prayers are needed for Amanda's family, the donor's family, and the surgical team.

TY for Praying...Continued Healing


Prayer for God to help restore relationship/commitment with recent ex. Help to overcome social/familial (perceived?) differences/hurdles. Thanks!

I need prayer.


I ask that someone pray for me as I could on in my education and strive to be a better father figure for my two boys Landyn and Bradyn. I also ask that God blesses and keeps my family safe and rebuilds the relationship I have with Nicki. The woman of my dreams whole God has put in my life. I need the strength and I appreciate the prayers.


Mary R

Thank you for continued prayer for my 2 adult kids Amy in Texas & Mitchell in Terre Haute to obey the gospel As we all know this life is temporary but after this is eternal and to get to Heaven we must obey the gospel and I don't want my kids to be lost