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-James 5:16

The Prayer Center is a resource from WBGL to equip listeners to join staff in praying for those with prayer concerns. Take a moment to browse through the requests below. If you prayed for one of the requests, you can encourage that listener by letting them know you prayed.

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Help my husband be restored


Please pray that my husband will be restored and fulfilled. Pray for God to help and guide him through this difficult time. Pray that poison and negativity will no longer surround him. Thank you!

Continue to Pray


Please continue to pray for me and my son. I ask for prayers for my son that he turn to God for guidance, and if the situation he is involved in is not good, that God will show him soon. Please pray for me that I can be strong enough to let go and let God. The worry I feel is overwhelming, and I know I have to turn it over to God. I just needs prayers for this strength. Thank you all for your prayers!



Pray my father's dementia does not worsen and would even improve. Also, pray his feet are free of gout.

Marriage Restoration


Dear God, I come to you with all my heart. Please restore my marriage and save my wife from sin. It has been over a year now and I am still hear answering your calling to not give up on her just like you won't give up on us. Lord remove this other man in Jesus name and remind her of her vows. Lord, you paid a heavy price on the cross for our sins and I thank you with all my heart. My wife has been deceived by the enemy and is doing and saying things I never knew she would do. This is not my wife Lord, Please touch her heart let her know how much you love her how much you miss her and you long for her to give her life back to you. Lord you know what circumstances satan is throwing my way to get me to give up and I need your protection over me, my wife and kids. NOTHING is impossible for you and restoration is promised in Jeremiah 30. I desperately pray for my wife's salvation and return back home. Rekindle our love for one another and pray in Jesus name Matthew 19:5-6. Lord I can feel her anger and hatred to me, but I know deep down she still loves me and misses me. Touch her heart today, mold her into a godly women,wife and mother. I BELIEVE, I TRUST YOU, and I surrender my wife,children marriage and life to you as my Lord and savior. In Jesus name Amen.

Let it be so


Carmen has been fighting thyroid cancer for some time and the medicine prescribed makes her get sick every morning her husband says. One day he explained a new medicine she had taken did not make her sick once...didn't"t know why she stopped taking it. The insurance stopped covering it. My prayer is that for the best medicine with the least side effects be covered through their insurance just to make the continued fight a little easier.

Need Strength


I have a very addictive personality, for years I have been struggling with my addictive tendencies. Be it shopping, sex, drugs & alcohol. At this moment in my life alcohol has consumed me for the past 2 years. It has taken a toll on my health and my relationship. I have tried to quit but can't find the strength. I pray for strength and I do it for a few days, but then I go back to it. I have not tried AA yet, but I have done counseling and that has helped. I wake up to your station every morning and it fills me with hope. I have started listening to it at work and I feel good all day. Can you please pray for me so I can get the strength to stop this addiction. I have put it in gods hands and I have to stay strong. I appreciate everything this station does for the people in need.

Prayer Request for a MIRACLE!!!


Please pray for Eric .Please pray for his salvation.Eric needs deep inner healing. Pray that God will tear down all the strong holds in his life. Please pray God will heal the memories of his past. He needs to come unto Christ and give himself to God through the saving grace of Jesus Christ… I believe God can and will touch his life and touch his heart and mind… Pray for a miracle of New Life in Christ…Pray that he will be a new man in Christ Jesus… Pray that Eric will experience the grace and mercy of God and this will turn his life around!!!

Need Employment

Mary S

I lost my job almost 3 months ago. Please pray that I get a good job quickly. I am very sad and depressed, I have lost the meaning of my life, please pray to God to grant my petition quickly. Thanks.



Please pray for my friend. She is only about 10 weeks pregnant and she is in the hospital on life support for blood clots in her lungs. Please pray for healing for her and that God would protect the baby. Thank you so much for your prayers.

Protection and Blessings


Please pray for God's protection and His blessings for Stephen, Marian, Carl, Robert and Florence. Asking this request in the Name of Jesus. Thank you for praying for us during this time of need.

Need Rain


Please pray for God's abundant blessings of enough rain and sun to nourish our plants, trees, crops and animals. We're in a heat wave of many days above 90 degrees and really need the rain. We ask this miracle in the Holy Name of Jesus. Thank you for your generous prayers and God Bless all who come to this site to pray.

Prayer please

Angie H

I am having dental surgery tomorrow and dentures. Would appreciate prayers as I am feeling very nervous about it.

Boyfriend not christian


Please Continue praying for my boyfriend, he is not christian and he is very important to me I'd like to stay with him, I want him to have that love for the Lord, I want him to be saved want him to understand the importance of a relationship with God. Please pray he sees that soon, so that I may talk with him more openly on the subject for he is very closed off to it and he is very lost. I fear for him, I'd hate anything to happen and then it really be too late. Thank you and Amen!



Friend had a miscarriage unspoken

Pray for my friend and strangers in distress


Please pray for my friend who cannot get over a lady he used to be with. He is in constant pain because he keeps rejecting him. Also pray for a Muslim lady that I met today, that said she wanted to go to a Christian Church for help. I am not sure if it was spiritual or what, but she seemed to be severely depressed. Last but not least, pray for the local homeless person, Rob, who is homeless after he broke up with his ex. Thank you!