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-James 5:16

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Teri from Illinois

I am morbidly obese and I have not found that moment that I feel that will help me get to a healthier weight...everything I have tried meaning program...its like I hit a wall head I am foster parent to my three daughter is battling her own demons...I guess I am asking for wisdom to find that path to help me...and strength to gets this started and done before my weight puts me in the hospital again for another leg infection...



I ask for prayers for peace. I'm having a lot of anxiety due to being overwhelmed by many things happening in my life all at once.



Pelase pray that my father in law and his wife, as well as myself, my husband, our children, brother and law, and his wife, and their children, and our new friends and their children will be able to attend church tomorrow morning. We have gotten out of the habit, and my father in law holds a lot of anger and resentment towards God. Please pray that he will find the breakthrough that he so desperately needs, and can begin his walk with Christ. Please pray that he will be able to let go of his shame, and burdens, and hate. Thank you.

Relief for Tourette's Syndrome symptoms


My 16 year old son, John, has Tourette's Syndrome. It is pretty severe. He has been able to keep control of the tics associated with the disorder until recently. He has involuntary movements and sounds constantly that he simply can't get control. I am thankful that it is not something worse than Tourette's. Every day that he wakes up, he fights a battle that I cannot even imagine just to function. Being 16 is hard enough without constant involuntary movements and the mocking and stares that come along with it. I would like to ask for prayers to ease his struggle. I pray that he can just regain control in the situations where he needs to. I pray for it to subside all together but today I just pray for any relief. Thank you.



Please pray for my husband Rob he has very dangerous blood clots. Pray that the heparin blood thinner gets his levels where they need to be over night and he comes off the breathing tube. Please also pray that my dad Sam's breathing gets better tonight and he doesn't end up in the hospital . I believe in miracles and we need a couple.



I pray God, enables me to make it through school. I need motivation and encouragement. I know I can do all thing through Christ who strengthens me. I am holding to that promise. I just also need prayer that God would help me do what is right. I make choices and decisions that I know I shouldn't, but I am praying that I would come closer to my Heavenly Father, especially in this season while I am in school and before I marry. Thank you for your prayers, and support.

Broken together

Dionne and Greg

Please pray for marriage. It needs healing. We are both Christian but talking divorce. Pray that God break us together. That's the only way I see that we can even begin to reconcile. That would be my heart desire but if not pray that God help me to heal from this relationship while continuing to praise and worship God.



I'm a Christian. I accepted Jesus years ago. How can you be a believing son of God and still be broken? I'm pretty much down to my last sorrow. I don't know what else I can do;; I'm broken and I could use some help.

15-year-old in ICU , brain infection!!!!!!!!!! Please pray!!!


Hi,. My friend Adrian Koo Sai Hoe is in ICU, he is having brian infection. He is in a critical condition. His brain is born not connected from the artery to the vein. So now going to do surgery but his brain is swollen so the swellness need to subside first then only can perform a surgery. He is now in a deep sleep, please pray for him that he will wake up. He is only 15yrs old. Again, please Please pray for him and pray that a miricle will happen. Please uphold him to God. I believe that God is im control of everything that is and will happen. Lord Jesus please save him. Btw, he not a christian too. Lord Jesus ,pray that he will believe in that Jesus is his Lord and Saviour. Thank u so much.🙏



1-Pray my mother is healed of type 2 diabetes and has no side effects from medication. 2-Pray my father is healed of parkinsons disease and has good mobility. 3-Pray a confidential need of mine is met.



Pray an unnamed person will have no suicidal thoughts, as well as start attending church and be saved spiritually.

family issues


Our mother passed away in November. I was named executive of her will years ago. I am the little sister. I haven't had the best relationships with my brothers in the past, but it's really deteriorated now. I have been trying to make sure to be fair and equal in the distribution of her property and assets. But they have not been happy. We are to each get a third, share, share alike. We are meeting Sunday afternoon to hopefully settle things. I ask that you pray for peace and calm and reason to abound in this meeting. God knows all about it. I just want to finish it and move on with my life. It's robbing me of my joy. I can't repair the damage caused years ago, so probably won't have much of a relationship with them in the future. That will be their choice, not mine. I ask for peace for me and my husband. And for my brothers to be reasonable and to have peace also. Thank you and God Bless you for your prayers.



Pray my father's dementia does not worsen and would even improve. Also, pray his feet are free of gout.

financial nightmare


two years ago my husband filed for divorce. We managed to save our marriage. During our down time I created some debt that is not paid off. I haven't worked since June of last year for health reasons and to homeschool our children. I had planned on using my 401 k to pay off the debt. However more important bills needed to be paid. We have struggled month to month since I've been home full time. Sadly my husband does not know of this debt. He suffered a minor brain injury in Iraq in 2004 and suffers from PTSD. Because of this he has struggled with substance abuse. He had finally started getting help. I'm terrified that finding out about this debt would be a major set back for him. I need financial healing without hurting him.



Please pray for Joyce. She is recovering from cancer and just got out of the hospital. Bless youhch