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-James 5:16

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Please pray for my grandparents


Please pray for my grandparents. They moved into a very nice assisted living facility this past week. My grandma has Parkinson's Disease & the early stages of dementia. My grandfather has the early stages of Alzheimer's. They have gotten to the point where they need near-constant supervision for medicines, meals & care. It has just gotten to be too much for my mom & my aunt to handle on their own. The place they moved to is wonderful. However, as to be expected, they don't want to stay there. They want to go home. It is so sad. Please pray they will both find God's peace in their hearts & that they will become adjusted to their new home. We, as a family, want so desperately for them to be happy there. Please pray for strength & clarity for everyone. Thank you so much.

I Lied


I lied yesterday to a good friend about something and I am paying the price today. I have dried up like a raisin... depressed... cancelled plans today... slept.. I am depressed and broken... My head is tight... and I feel a fear... I confessed it already to my friend and repented, but I still feel really terrible... I feel like the enemy is trying to come in and take advantage of this..

Spiritual Warfare


Please pray for deliverance for me. I was heavily involved in the occult and as a result I am being tormented by impure spirits. Please keep me in your fervent prayers, they sometimes try to drive me to want to end my life

Prayer for a wife


I don't usually pray for this, but please pray God would send me someone to be my wife and share life with. It's been a frustrating road. May it be in Gods Hands in Jesus Christ's Name. Thank you prayer friends!

Prayers getting answered


For all those wonderful prayer warriors who have been praying for the two babies, Emily and Avila... There has been improvement for both babies! Thank you God! They both have a long way to go, but there is hope now. Please continue praying for them. Thank you!



Life is just a little too much right now. There has been a death in the family recently, my brother has been a complete jerk today te least. He's still the selfish, hot-headed, greedy child he always was. All of this outs the whole family on edge, and everyone taking very thing out on me. I honestly can't keep living like this, my family always looks to me when something goes wrong. My brother is destroying this whole family. He has no regard for anyone, and on top of all this, my bosses are angry at me I think, but I not sure why. Sos, I can't do this

please keep praying for...


TJ, Tim and me. Today was rough. Diana~

Continue Praying for Granite City


Some of the Steelworkers from the Granite City Works of USSteel have now been laid off for almost six months. Even with unemployment benefits and subpay from the Mill, people are really having trouble meeting their bills even loosing houses and cars in some cases. There is some talk of the Mill coming back but not until 2017. Tough times in Granite City. We need to remember the Steel Mill in Granite if very definite prayer, bombarding Heaven with our requests. It's pretty simple, as the Mill goes, so goes Granite City. As children of the most high God, our prayers, in faith believing will be answered ! The Steel Mill will once again employ 2,000 people and Granite City will again thrive as a strong city in Madison County in Southern Illinois. We claim it in Jesus name. Thanks you for your prayers.

dad needs prayers - urgently, please


My dad is 72. Just recently had three stents put in...waiting now for pacemaker to be put in. Just told he has to wear something called a "life vest" for couple of months. His heart is not strong - and he is starting cardo-rehab again soon along with some medicine that is supposed to help his heart get stronger. Having problem with some veins in his legs too. Please pray for healing! That he gets this everything in a very timely fashion and that his body accepts these changes. My mom is 70 and has her own health issues. They have been married almost 53 years. They live close and we are pretty close family. This is difficult to go through. My dad struggles with processing this information as it is very heavy duty. My mom understands right away. So does the rest of our family. Prayer is the best way I can help and ask you all to do for him. Our God is an awesome GOD.

please keep praying for


Me and Tim. Pray if it is God's will we will see each other soon. I'm greatful to God for his protection and encouragement on building trust and His faithfulness to us.

Co-worker in need of prayer


Please pray for a do worker who is pregnant and struggling with preeclampsia. She is only 26 weeks along and the baby is small. Please pray that she can carry the baby for a few more weeks to increase the baby's survival. Also pray for mom's health as well. Thank you!!

Resurrection from ashes


I have asked God to resurrect a relationship that has been ashes for almost 30 years. He has put the desire for that person on my heart. God has promised to restore what was stolen by the enemy. Nothing is impossible with our Lord, Jesus Christ. Thank you and Amen. God Bless us all.



Please pray that my husband would realize his need for Jesus and additionally for him to wake up to how severe his controlling/abusive behavior is. Please pray our children would be protected as we try to overcome this all. Thank you and God bless you!

Prayers for my Uncle Tim


Healing prayers please for my Uncle Tim. He is facing surgery for diverticulitis. Please Jesus place your healing touch on him and guide the surgeons hand. Please calm his fear and anxiety and let him feel your peaceful, healing presence. Please calm my Aunt as she waits for the surgery to be complete. Let him recover fully with no complications. In Jesus mighty name I pray, Amen. Thank you everyone for prayers, they are very appreciated, God bless!

It's in Gods hands now


The sister of a friend is expecting twin boys but found out that the babies have twin to twin transfusion. Baby B is giving his blood to Baby A. To correct his they have to travel to Cincinnati, Oh on Monday to hopefully have surgery on Wednesday . Staying there for a week to ensure everything has gone ok. If they do not have this surgery they run a high risk of loosing both babies. If you feel the need to help they have started a gofundme account. Her name is Courtney Watson- Hicks.