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-James 5:16

The Prayer Center is a resource from WBGL to equip listeners to join staff in praying for those with prayer concerns.. Take a moment to browse through the requests below. If you prayed for one of the requests, you can encourage that listener by letting them know you prayed. In many cases, you can even send your prayer or a word of encouragement to their email.

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Tara is a teach at Olivet. She's been having vertigo and is very concerned

Please pray for my grandpa


Please pray for my grandfather, Charles. He is undergoing an outpatient procedure today, but in his weakened physical state any type of surgery is a serious matter. Please pray that God will be with him during the procedure, and grant him His strength to make a full recovery.

Update on Mouse


Mouse is losing her battle against kidney disease. I had almost lost her the night of the 4th, but instead of letting her go, I selfishly picked her up and revived her. She was passing away peacefully and I subjected her to forced feedings and endless medicine. Her passing tonight is not a peaceful one. I made a tragic mistake--a selfish one. God spoke to my spirit--it was an effort in futility, heroics, too little-too late. God's plan was better than mine. He knew what He was doing, I didn't know what I was doing. Thank you all for your prayers.

Voice of God


I pray that I will be able to hear the voice of God as I struggle to hold my family together, while my husband struggles through his mid-life crisis. I pray that I will be strong enough to stick by him even though I am well-aware that he is being unfaithful to me and tells me that he loves me only as the mother of his children. I pray that people of faith will be by my side in support of my chosen path, even as the odds for our marriage surviving are decreasing day by day.



I'm in remission from cancer. I'm having some issues and I'm praying my cancer isn't active again. Please pray whatever God wants he gives me strength to fight this and gives my doctor wisdom to treat me if needed. Thank you. God Bless!

College Kiddo Needs Help Adjusting

Worried Mom

My youngest kiddo went to college last weekend (a week earlier than most students due to band camp). She's really struggling to adjust, finding herself very fearful and lonely. We are staying in touch with her regularly, but worried she is struggling with depression and anxiety. She was also diagnosed with a chronic illness a year ago and this stress could flare that illness. Her roommate arrives soon, and I think that may help some. She has also connected with a counselor on campus. Please pray for her emotional and physical health. Pray that she starts to feel joyful and excited and confident again - soon. Please also pray for me, that I would have guidance as I try to support her. Thanks.



In the name of jesus please cast out this demon of depression ....... Self tht i may b the mother my 2yr old deserves



I have been posting the following prayer: "Because of my sexual sin, I destroyed my marriage. Please pray for my wife to heal and to forgive me. I pray that I may be restored and be the husband that I have been called to be." Thank you all for praying for me. Last night, my wife asked me for a divorce because of my repreated sin. Please pray for my wife that she will heal from the hurt that I caused.

Mercy & Forgiveness


Requesting prayer for God’s forgiveness, mercy & blessings. I have been on the prayer list for 2 years now, asking for God’s grace to shine down upon me, my son and my family. We have gone through many trials & tribulations and just as we may see a glimmer of hope, we are hit with yet another heartache. I continue to pray and ask for God to strengthen me and my faith, but I cry endlessly with continued sorrow. Please pray that God will reveal his will for me and my son as we struggle through these difficult times. Pray for His healing hands to be placed on my mother who begins her chemo treatments in the next couple days. Pray for her strength to overcome the cancer that has developed in her body. Pray for God’s mercy & forgiveness for my son and His protection and guidance on handling the continued persecution my son receives from the family of which he caused pain. May God help the family to let go of the hurt and find peace in forgiveness. And pray for me that the Lord will reveal Himself to me, to guide me and protect me during my walk with Him. Oh Lord, have mercy on me & my family and may the Lord's blessings shine down upon us. May God be with you all. Thank you!



Please pray for reunification of my family. We have not been whole for 10 months!

Healing & Guidance


Please pray for my family. Please pray for my son's father Leif to seek healing and have true heart change. Please pray for my son to understand the importance of safe boundaries and the need for distance in certain situations. Please pray for all of us to see only truth and all stay strong and move towards healing and transformation. Please pray for God to guide all communication and actions and for him to reveal himself and his will for all of us to us more each and every day. Please pray for all of us to be filled with his peace and rest and joy. Thank you!

please pray for me


My mom was recently diagnosed with cancer and diabetes & our. Family is having issues coping. I just hope she can get better. Thanks so much, your music helps me get through daily struggles & I am 18 & have a baby girl who is 1 1/2 years old and this station brought back my faith and helped me realize I could do it and be a single mom :) THANK YOU SO MUCH!



1-Pray my mother is healed of diabetes. 2-Pray my father is healed of parkinson's disease and has good mobility. 3-Pray a confidential need of mine is met.

Missing Child-Megan Nichols

Michelle Schaumburg

Megan Nichols, 15, from my hometown of Fairfield, IL has been missing for over a month, and police have no leads. She is thought to be a runaway, since she left a note for her mother and withdrew some money from an ATM while on her bicycle, but no one seems to have any information besides that. She is loved and missed by our small community. Please pray that she will be found and reunited with her family.



Please pray for my family, several of us are having health issues. My husband and daughter are having heart problems. I have Parkinsons and some days useless. We all need strength, courage and peace of mind. Thanks