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-James 5:16

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Lord; my case needs urgent attention


Dear all the warriors please can you help me pray for my husband to returns back home to us cause I had the dreams last month I would like it to become to pass in Jesus name Amen .. Thank God for this step, it's a beginning. Let us pray that he will return to God first and He will fix him that he will never want to leave again. We call down fire from heaven upon him now, to burn off every cord that have him bound. I pray his e to be restored to his wife and son. In Jesus mighty name, amen. I know God is already cancel the divorce he filled or By the time the case called or never called let him have a changed heart and mindset from evil to good surrender and obedience to God and a heart of love



I just have not had any relief or rest from anxiety mind has been filled with thoughts about things that are beyond my control, I've been judging myself and just feeling so low today, Lord please help me..Lord please guide me, lord please direct my path and let it be well with me. Father help me to see myself as you see me, help me to see the greatness and opportunities before me, help me to separate myself from anything that is not if you, to base my worth on emptiness and possessions but to look up to you father Lord. I need you so much Lord, please deliver your peace in any way that you can father. Ijnip amen

Pray for my 95 yr old mother


Please pray for Mom, my friends. She has infection that turned septic. She cannot swallow properly and has pneumonia and is on a nutrition tube for now. She needs to pass her swallow test or things will be bad for her. In Jesus's name.

Job Need


I am praying for a particular job. I have until Tuesday morning to receive an offer. This particular job would allow me to stay home rather than travel. I have just been asked to serve as a Deacon at our church. I love being in our little Church. It is a new church plant right outside of Terre Haute. We have had new families join and people come to Christ recently. Please pray the Job to allow me to stay, would be the one to open up. Thanks Todd

Son's Healing


Please pray for the miraculous healing of my son's mouth. He's had what's called Lichen Planus for 3 yrs now, with little relief in sight, the flare ups seem to be lasting longer even, very painful. We laid hands on him at church today and ask the Lord to please take this from my son, to heal &restore my son's mouth to His perfect Jesus' precious, holy, Holy, HOLY name!

prayer request God's salvation, healing, and help for many.

Sean in Silicon Valley, CA

prayer request from Sean in Silicon Valley, CA, USA -- God's salvation, healing, and help for many. 1. Please pray for the Lord's grace, mercy, help, complete healing, full-household salvation, leadership, peace, protection, and all that’s good from God above for all of: The USA (Washington DC); California (Sacramento and Silicon Valley, CA); Israel and Jerusalem; all of the Lord’s churches / groups / ministries / gatherings world-wide; the Body / Church of Christ; me (Sean) and all my family and relatives; all whom I’ve prayed for, and all of mankind as the Lord wills. Pray that the Lord would physically, mentally, and spiritually save, heal, and restore us all; forgive us of all our sins; write our names in His Book of Life; grant to us all our prayers, needs, and desires of our hearts according to His good will; and deliver us from all evil and the Evil One. Amen, thank you. 2. Please pray for the Lord’s complete healing (even quick physical healing) and pain / anxiety relief for: me (Sean) and all my family and relatives, Larry P., Walter O., Doe S., Darlene V., John Jr., Judy A., Janice U., Toni K., Kipp T., Tiffany, for all who belong to the Lord, all whom I’ve prayed for, and all of mankind as the Lord wills. Amen, thank you.

Praying to adopt a precious child in need of a loving home

Amanda and Richard T

We are trying to adopt; we are dreaming and praying everyday to expand our family and have a beautiful baby we can love as our own help us along our journey please and thank you ! I pray every day that we will get blessed with a precious baby to love

prayers for my husband's faith


My husband is a believer but there are people in his life that don't understand that his faith isn't strong. He was easily persuaded to go against his faith by people he thought were also believers. He read the new testament two years ago and at the time told me he believed it but his recent actions are directly against what we read. I don't know if he is actually mentally ill but the way he is conducting himself leads me to either believe that or it's just satan injecting himself where my husband is weak. People that are praying for him think he is intentionally walking away from his faith but I don't think that is the case--I think he just doesn't understand. At this point he has walled himself off and only speaks to his therapist who I don't believe is a Christian. I've been encouraging him to speak with a pastor but he has shut me out.

Husband' stroke recovery

Jolie C

My husband and best friend, Jeff C, had a stroke on the 18th and was released from the hospital on the 25th. I would love to have prayers for him to have a full or near full recovery and for him to start practicing better self care to manage his high blood pressure. He is only 51 and we have three children. We need him.

pray for my sore leg


My leg is very sore. Please pray! Thank you! Reijo



I would consider myself detached from God and prayer, but I frequently find myself praying when things just get rough--rock bottom I guess you could say. This past month has been very rough and I've felt lost and alone, only to turn to God. To me he seems silent and I simply feel frustrated with life. My mother recently found out that the Dr's spotted something during a routine mammogram. They think it could be a cyst but they aren't for sure so she goes back for another mammogram on Monday. I pray that the Lord opens my heart and my eyes to see life as great again, but most of all I pray that my mom has good health and doesn't have the dreadful breast cancer that has already claimed so many lives. Thank you

Faith when things appear to be failing..


Lord help me to be patient, help me to act in wisdom, help me to not lose faith and lose sight of my blessings, help me to remain steadfast...father every good thing comes with a trial and a testing period, help me to faint not..God please cover my thoughts, words, and actions..⯑⯑ ijnip amen ❤