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-James 5:16

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My family


We need to seek more of God

Prayers for healing of my blood clot


I am needing prayers for my health. I had a baby in July and developed a blood clot shortly after. It's just not wanting to heal and I'm afraid of complications.

pray for healing and finances


I have many health issues but now I need 2 surgeries one for hernia and one for vein/artery repair am in pain. Please pray for Sara's family health, safety and finances. Thanks for all prayer.

Lupus test


For about the past 10 months my doctor has been ordering blood work every 3 months to teat for lupus. The test showed slightly high levels of inflammation but, according to my doctor, not enough to be a final diagnosis. Around May I was feeling very weak and exhausted besides aches in my body. It turned out I was anemic so the doctor prescribed iron. My anime improved on the next blood work after taking iron but the lupus tests remained about the same. This month I was scheduled for another blood test and I was feeling very confident because overall I have been feeling healthy, however it turns out that my lupus test and inflammation numbers were more than double compared to the previous test. My doctor thinks it might have been affected by a medication I was taking so he asked me to stop the meds and have another blood test done at the end of this month just to double check. Otherwise I will be put on treatment for lupus which would indicate I have it. I am very scared and have been very stressed about it. I desperately need prayers for my health. I don't have any family around me and I am going through this alone. Please pray for me so God gives me the strength I need and if it is His will, to heal my body. Thank you.



My husband just lost his job because I was in the hospital and we just recently moved and now the landlord needs $800.00 ASAP and now we are stressed out badly

Holy Spirit needed


Please pray that the Holy Spirit will be with my husband as he undertakes some difficult meetings today at work. These have the potential to allow a lot of good into our lives, but the outcome is uncertain. I feel if the Holy Spirit will enlighten him and be with him, he can get through this without difficulty. Amen

Please pray for healing, pray for my husband

Karen & Rafael

Dear brothers and sisters please pray for my husband, he has a bad condition on his back that has gotten worse and he is in pain every day at all times and I'm hurt to see that there's nothing to be done.. Please pray for healing for him to get closer to God and find him as his savior, for me to have the strength to bare his pain and not being able to do much. Please pray for us



Please pray for my dizziness to end, in the Name of Jesus Christ. By His Power.

marriage,family, depression


Heavenly father, Lift me out of this darkness & into your glorious light! Loose the chains that bind me so! Cleanse and purify my heart, my mind, my soul, my body! I pray your precious almighty powerful blood over my family, my marriage, my children, my situation. May the same power that raised Jesus from the dead raise us up in your glorious righteousness! Open up your heavens and pour out a blessing more than we can think of, ask for, or contain! Let us bask in the glory of your presence! In your presence ALL ENEMIES MUST SCATTER! I pray and thank you for your almighty power, strength, mercy, grace, and healing upon our lives! Thank you for blessing me! Thank you for blessing my marriage! Thank you for healing and protecting my daughter and step-son! Let you glory be made know to us all! In Jesus Almighty powerful name I pray! I claim it on our lives! Hallelujah! THank you Jesus!



I am needing prayer for my beautiful 5 year old granddaughter. She has just started kindergarten and is having a terrible time, to the point were she is crying because she doesn't want to go to school. My granddaughter hasn't had the easiest 5 years. Her mother, my daughter, is a single mother, who struggles with bi-polar disorder and ADHD. Neither of which she will take medicine for. I believe that my granddaughter is struggling with some of these same issues, especially the ADHD. She has no friends in school and has consistently gotten in trouble at school since the first day. I did research and bought some supplements for children with ADHD, but she doesn't like them and fights every morning with my daughter to take it. My heart, as well as my daughters heart is so heavy for her. She a beautiful, sweet, loving, smart, funny child but, I am so concerned for her. I keep praying that the medicine will start working and that she will start getting better, but, I have to admit, I am discouraged. I am asking for prayer and leaning on God's word that says "where two or more or gathered". Please lift my granddaughter in prayer, as well as her mother.

Healing Prayer


Asking God for healing for my uncle Juan. He's a diabetic and is in critical condition. Just found out he has kidney and liver failure. Asking that God will heal and do what the doctors cannot do. Asking for salvation, grace, and the favor of God in my uncles life. He is not a believer so I'm praying God will grant him the opportunity to repent. Thank you.



Need Jesus feel God is far away from me and not close to Him .


Anne from Naperville

Hi I fractured my femur due to a previously and improperly hip replacement . I had to have a new hip. Put in and wires wrapped around my femur . I am in a rehab facility . I am trying to let the light of the Lord my strength but appreciate any prayers to our loving God to help me get through this !Thanks and God bless !

Concerned Mom


Friends, I need your prayers for my relationship with my son. I ask that you pray against unhealthy soul ties between him and I. We have not had the best relationship for the past few yesrs. Please pray that we have a healthy Godly soul ties between us and that our relationship will be restored through the love of God. Thank you so much.



My ex has taken 2 of my minor children out of the country without my consent. Please pray for their safe return.