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-James 5:16

The Prayer Center is a resource from WBGL to equip listeners to join staff in praying for those with prayer concerns. Take a moment to browse through the requests below. If you prayed for one of the requests, you can encourage that listener by letting them know you prayed.

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Success in business


Hello WBGL team! I have a prayer request for a man I'm seeing, Charlie, and his team. He's an entrepreneur and is currently abroad traveling for work. Recently things have been moving forward in a very positive direction, but there are still many challenges presently and ahead. I ask a prayer of safety, patience, and clear, open minds, eyes, and hearts to recognize and accept God's direction in all they do. I also ask for a prayer that God give them success in these ventures, if it be His will. Thank you so much and God bless you all!!!

Friend that is like a sister,is very very sick


Prayer Warriors, please pray for my friend Ashley she has been getting really really bad headaches like really really bad migraines that is making her have seizures. She is going to have brain surgery in March (March 9) to have an brain aneurysm removed on her left side of her brain. She doesn't talk clearly like she stutters and it takes her a while to spit out the next word and she didn't do that before like she talked clearly like you and I. She used to write legablly but now she doesn't. Please pray that the Lord will take away everything and the surgery will go well.



Please pray for my wife. (Kim) she's been a tough spot lately. And has been in depression. I'm doing my best to help her through it.



Healing for Kenyetta and family. A new job for Justin and Juwanna. Protection and Favor for Kimberly and Juwanna with car situation. Godly Wisdom, Guidance, Provision and Favor for Kimberly's Ministry and Flipper Chapel in Fayetteville, Ga. God grows Kimberly’s church (Flipper Chapel) and blesses spiritually and financially. God blesses me in position as Associate Category Manager for the State of Georgia and in Ministry. God Blesses Sis. Allen’s son and his wife (heals their hurts), God heals Rev. Ousley’s brother and blesses her family and ministry. Juwanna Booker and Tonja Lyons – A spiritual encounter with Jesus (Divine Intervention in their lives-to love and do right by each other and others). God blesses a minimum of ten new families to join the church this Conference year that want to worship God and serve Him. God bless Rev. Thelma Milner and her Ministry. God’s vision for Kimberly’s life and Ministry and Flipper Chapel to be manifested. God blesses Flipper Chapel to get parking lot paved and church painted. God blesses Bishop Jackson and Elder Rhone to do right by Kimberly, gives Kimberly justice in situations with Elder Rhone, Dr. Rhone, Elder Hudson and Sis. Hudson and all of the Elders, Rev. Eason, Houston, Powers, all Pastors, Bishops and Preachers, Daniel and Anthony, Alicia, Matthew, Ricky, Darryl, Brandon and that they promote Kimberly per God’s Will. God blesses Kimberly to be an Excellent Pastor and Preacher. Favor with God and man for Kimberly and Family. God blesses Kimberly and Sermons with Triple Anointing, power and Holy Spirit by blessing them to be anointed, powerful, full of quantity, quality and to grow in length and Spiritual Growth and Promotion. God gives Darius justice in situations with Milton Wiley, Chris Johnson, Charles Ross, Isaac Clayton, Bruce Spann and Emory as a whole. God blesses Darius and Co-workers not to have to work weekends. Flipper Chapel has the funds and pays all bills, salaries and Budgets. God gives Kimberly a Word for His people for every time I preach, speak, pray, read scripture, worship lead or do anything for God. God blesses Bishop Jackson and Elder Rhone to promote me according to God’s Will and to pay Kimberly right and on time. God blesses Elder Rhone to do right by me and not try to get rid of me. God blesses Kimberly and, Justin, Juwanna, Darius, Tya, Gretchen and Julian with spiritual and financial breakthroughs and saves their souls. God takes Kimberly to a higher level in Him and in Ministry. God’s Divine intervention, Favor and Protection in situation with Ace Cash Express and Flagship Finance with bad checks for Kimberly and Juwanna. Victory for Kimberly in completing dissertation and getting it approved. Prayer for Sis. Gray and her family with daughter Marisha and give Marisha Godly Wisdom and Guidance. Prayer for Arlecia and Germaine, Gerald, Denise and all members of Flipper Chapel to be committed and faithful to God.



Sitting in waiting room, going in for a biopsy.

God's guidance about defending Faith.


Help me praying to God for Guidance. Today I am defending the Faith, existence of God. and the Truthfulness of the Bible. I'm Facing the Academy of Phylosophy and Sciences Club in a public/open Debate for al school. I dont Fear. I have peace because Jesus Christ is With me. And give confidence and the Forces to Stand in the Name of God. Thank You.

Prayers for our baby

Jessica and Jeff

My husband Jeff and I have been trying to have a baby for 7 years. We have been through several fertility treatments including 2 InVitro fertilizations. Our first IVF ended in a miscarriage at 8 weeks. We are now 15 weeks pregnant after our second IVF and we were told that our baby may have trisomy 13. This chromosomal abnormality is not compatible with life. We are to hopefully see a specialist within the next week or so to get more answers. We could use prayer that this diagnosis may be incorrect and that our precious baby will be healthy. Thank you.

(Desperate) help with a move


I booked a flight to sacramento. My plan was to move back after 7+ -unsuccessful?- years here. I did the best I could I worked in st louis- had other jobs but just haven't been able to experience the freedom I had there. I've consulted counselors- checked everything been involved in church in every possible way, still I feel my life is like a stopped train. I've accomplished things but can't go on like this. I've contacted my old support system and they aren't there. Now I feel like I can't go. Like I'd be wandering the streets. I'm looking for places more locally but would love to have the inspiration/courage/strength/support to make it back but at this point I don't know what is right. I do know I need to move out this week and need some serious guidance. I've experienced serous depression here and need a way over.

Bad anxiety and panic attacks


My Dad passed away about a month ago and since then I've been down with horrible anxiety and panic attacks and I don't know what to do anymore. It's gone so bad that my whole body hurts and going out even to the store nearby is a struggle for me... I want to be better but I don't know how and it's starting to effect my husband and children and that makes me feel even worse.. I really need Jesus right now.... I feel so lost

Selfless love


Please pray that I won't give up loving my wife. I've almost given up but I want to love her even though I don't feel anything. Pray that our separation is ended and we can share life together again. Thank you so much!

Son and daughter


Please pray for my 3 year old son he was diagnosed with both flu and strep. This seems to be rare complication which can be dangerous. He has been throwing up and coughing badly. Please pray for gods healing. I also have a newborn baby please pray she stays well and doesn't contradict it.

Mother Food Finances Family Please Pray


Please pray that God protects, forgives, leads, heals, provides for, delivers, fills with His Holy Spirit, helps and gives peace to my elderly traveling mother, our family, our business and estate.



Please pray for my 3 year old son who is throwing up , coughing and feverish and has bumps. Praying for complete healing and for his 3 month sister to not get sick



This is my third prayer request for my marriage. Thank you to those who have prayed. We are going to counseling Tuesday and my husband is still wanting to pursue a separation. I so want us to work on things. We have been through so much drama. Affair, drug and alcohol use, pornography issues. He is so angry at me for my part in all of this and sees no other way. I want us to stay committed, especially for our two teenagers. Additionally, my sister is so angry and making false accusations toward me that I just am having a hard time handling right now. I want our family to be loving and have peace. Most of all I want our marriage to survive and a miracle in my husband's heart and perspective.

Pray for my Grandma


Please pray for my Grandma she recently fell and broke her hip and is in the hospital not doing good at all.