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-James 5:16

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I have never sent a prayer request before, but I am definitely in need of extra prayers. My name is Nicki and my husband and I have a two year daughter and we feel very lucky to have been able to had her so quickly after we married. However, I am 41 years old and we have been trying to have a second child, but have had two miscarriages. We are now doing IVF but our first attempt was also unsuccessful. We have opted to try it one last time and I am asking for prayers that this try would be successful. We cannot afford to keep trying after this, nor can we afford to go the adoption route. We so badly want our daughter to grow up with a sibling, but it has been a heart breaking experience. Thank you so much. I really appreciate any extra prayers that you could say for my family. Thank you so very, very much. Nicki

God favor


Put application in for job that Ican grow and learn different thing and need people two pray for me that will call and wii turn out great for me thanks

Pray for my teacher


In October I started parent mentoring in a kindergarten class and I have been blessed and honored to help out a amazing teacher who has been teaching for 34 yrs . She had a knee replacement surgery just yesterday and sad to say I received a phone call from her this evening she told me that her parents were in a fatal car wreck in Aurora on Diehl Rd that killed her 89 yr old father killed and her mother is in ICU I ask for all prayer warriors to please pray for Mrs Norman ....



I want to ask prayers for a very close and dear friend jen. she has had a rough life she is a very free spirit and strong independent woman. we have been friends since we were 10. our friendship right now is in a mess and is on thin ice because I didn't understand certain things I was doing was upsetting her ..I always wanted what was best for her. I became way to needy and dependant on her for a lot of things and it was too much for her ..honestly too much for me..i should never be that attatched to someone... I am asking and praying to god that our friendship can begin to heal .. as well as what ever she is going through that god will be there and watch over her. I just want the opportunity to work things out with her I have not heard a word from her in almost 4 months, my friends tell me that space is what is needed and that we are still friends but this has been the longest we have gone with out talking. I also ask god for strength and understanding so I can try to give this some time it needs.. I am trying to do best I can I know I let her down big time. I just hate it so much .not dealing with this well. everyday it gets harder and harder not hearing from her. just a sign things are going to be ok would help a great deal. then maybe we can start talking again....I miss her so much



Please pray for healing. Both physical and mental.

Please pray for my family


My family is in need of prayers right now. My dad was rushed to hospital on Friday while out of state. We discovered it is his heart. Yesterday he found out that he had 80% blockage in an artery. The doctors put in a stent. When the doctors did an ultrasound they discovered hot spots on his stomach, liver, and kidneys. The hospital doctors said when he returns home he needs to have a pet scan immediately. In 2006 he had prostate cancer. He had surgery to remove it. We thought that he was doing well. Now it seems that he is not well. I have been diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disorder that now is causing me to have short term memory loss. I have not been able to work for almost a year now. My sister,who lives with my parents and her daughter, has spina bifida. On top of all of these medical issues we are having financial issues. I am trying to move back home so that I can help out whereever I can. Please pray for my family for our health and financial issues.

Job loss and afraid


This past November after being with the company for over twelve years, my position was eliminated. For four months now I have been searching for a job. I've sent out dozens of resumes. To date I have only received one interview. Every day I try to stand strong in my faith that God will deliver me the right job in His time. Unfortunately I'm alone during the day while everyone else is working and my thoughts spiral out of control and fear sets in. Then the "what if" questions set in. What if I don't find a job before my severance pay runs out? What if I have to take a job that I hate simply to make ends meet? What if I can't find a job and then we lose our house? What if, what if, what if. I know being afraid is a waste of time. Proverbs 3:5 says "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding." My heart gets it, but my head just won't absorb it. With only two months of severance pay left, the fear grows. My faith, and my smile, are fading. I feel helpless and alone. I realize it's silly to feel alone, especially when Footprints is my favorite poem and I truly believe those words, for it is now that God is carrying me, but I struggle to see that. I struggle to see tomorrow for I can only see the situation I'm in today. I pray that as I'm standing at the threshold of my future, God will open the door soon.



I don't know what to do anymore I'm trying to stay strong my faith pray for her but my wife of a 81/2 years wants to walk away. she says she's not in love with me anymore. Yes we have had some rough times and plenty of good times. She is gotten attention from another man and has pushed me out of the house try to keep me from seeing are 3 boys for two years. Through a court order but that did not happen. I am a kind loving Christian husband that has always believed in God. Ann was saved last yr in July. she was a good Christian woman but is lost her faith and think it's okay to get a divorce. And she thinks grass is going to be greener on the other side I know that the devil is hard at work on her right now I've seen peer hatred in her eyes towards me when I have done no wrong but try and get her help with her depression and. Show her unconditional love and forgiveness and that our vows in front of god mean something. We both have are faults. And I have worked and fixed them. She thinks she has done nothing wrong But she has and I forgive for what she has done wrong. I love her and are boys more then anything in the world. And I'm praying that my hopes and dreams of coming together as one flesh again in front of God that it is his will to do so. Thanks you lord God bless all

cancer test today


please pray for my sister, she has been cancer free for 15 months and something popped up on her last test. She has a huge scan today that will determine if she still has cancer and what kind it would be. Pray for whatever appeared on the last test to be a fluke!



I looked thru something of my boyfriend's that I was not supposed to. He is mad at me and I couldn't even admit to it because of embarisment. So now he is upset and I pray he can forgive me so we can still stay together and make our relationship stronger.



Pray an unnamed person will have no suicidal thoughts, as well as start attending church and be saved spiritually.



1-Pray my mother is healed of type 2 diabetes and has no side effects from medication. 2-Pray my father is healed of parkinsons disease and has good mobility. 3-Pray a confidential need of mine is met.

Prayers for my son


My son Caraton is being taken to the children's hospital in Springfield with a temperature and a swollen neck. We just ask for prayers that God might guide the doctors to figuring what is wrong and for a speedy recovery.

Family Under Attack


Our family has been under attacked for several years now. Within the last 15 months the devil has been working overtime on us. My husband and I have an amazing marriage and are bound together in Christ, it is attacks on our children and the family unit that the devil is using. Please pray for our strength and for those who are attacking us to have softened hearts and realize the damage they are doing. I was ready to throw my hands in the air tonight and give up on continuing to fight for what is right. Thank you



I come to yall today and asked for prayer for my mother in law, Donna K, She is the sweetest and caring, most loving women one could ever meet. Donna would do anything for anyone and I love her with all my heart, Donna still works full time, she loves her job. she hates to go on vacation, she would rather work. Donna had Caterracks surgery on her eyes, And there was alot of pressure behind her left eye, they put a stint in that eye, She has sure had a hard time with her eyes ever since.She now has a scratch on the middle of her eye, They say her eye are supper try, She has been going to the doctor for at least 3 months every saturday, She doesn't want to miss work. so she goes on her day off. Please pray For Donna, For them to be able to correct all that needs to be done. Donna is also in her 80's - ---Right now she can't see nothing out of her left eye, I asked that yall join me in prayer for Donna in JESUS NAME , I am very sorry for the words I have misspelled, Thank you all and GOD BLESS....