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-James 5:16

The Prayer Center is a resource from WBGL to equip listeners to join staff in praying for those with prayer concerns. Take a moment to browse through the requests below. If you prayed for one of the requests, you can encourage that listener by letting them know you prayed.

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Please pray for my daughter. Pray that she will open her eyes and see the abusive relationship she is in. She has two children, 5 years and 4 weeks. Her boyfriend got out of jail in June. He hasnt worked. He is not allowed in our home. She has chosen to live with him and his family. They are constantly fighting. She is still on maternity leave so hasnt gone back to work. They are home all day together. He is extremely disrespectful. He apparently got into a fight with his father and the father kicked them out. She will not come home. Instead they are staying at a motel until Friday and then she does not know where they are going to go, but doesnt want to leave him even though she has the option of coming to stay with us. He just isnt welcome so she wont come home without him. I am scared for her safety as well as my grandchildrens safety. I feel helpless.

fix of air conditioner


Our a/c stopped working a few days ago. We are not 100% sure what is wrong, though my husband has an idea of the problem. We are on a fixed income and not sure how we will take care of this. We are putting this in God's hands! We don't want the problem to be ours anymore!

Prayer for Grace and Healing


Please pray for our friend in India's father. He has MLS and is declining rapidly. They will be placing a feeding tube on Saturday. Neither he nor his family know Jesus. We are asking for prayers for healing but more importantly, we are asking that their hearts be open to the saving grace of Jesus and they would accept Him as their Lord and Savior. Thank you.

grandma with cancer being taken to hospital


my grandma is being taken to the hospital in an ambulance this morning. she was just released from the hospital on sunday. she's fighting cancer and has been in a lot of pain. please pray that the Lord would touch her and relieve her pain and for healing and wisdom for the doctors about what meds to give her. also comfort for our whole family, especially grandpa and my dad.

Broken marriage


Please pray for our marriage as it is badly broken right now. There is anger and unforgiveness along with hardened hearts. I pray for a miracle to reconcile and have a stronger marriage going forward. Only God and prayer can get us through this. Thank you for your prayers.

Need prayer for......


My husband, Jason & my Mom! Both are needing prayers for different health reasons & I'm praying for total healing for both! I know that if two or more pray it will be done! I'm already praising God for hearing both of them!! #GodisGOOD #< #JESUSisMIGHTY

Family falling apart


I am as low as I've ever been and I'm asking for prayer for anything at this point. My family is made up of a 2nd husband, 2 year old son, 15year old so. And 16 year old daughter. The older two are from a previous marriage that dissolved poorly 13 years ago. The older two have very recently gone to live with their dad and my daughter curses at me and says the most offensive things she can come up with in order to not have to come back to our home. She blew up on me today and when I asked the father to help, he told me its my fault, again. My teenage son won't talk about how all the conflict is effecting him and I'm so sad that he's bottling it up. My current husband and I have had significant communication problems our entire 4 year marriage and it doesn't improve no matter how much counseling we receive. I auppose arguments are less explosive, but we still struggle. There is no intimacy, no emotionAl connection and no time spent to fix that. On top of my daughter going off on me today, my husband actually came home and told me he lied to me and the counselor, and doesn't see how that should be a problem because he was "justified" to avoid a conflict. He was told to find a book for us and didn't so he lied. If I weren't a stay at home mom and dependent, I would leave. I really don't know how much more I can take. Please pray... Thank you.

custody battle


I need continued and effective prayer please for the custody battle that I am going through with my ex wife and my daughter. I am fighting to win custody of my daughter because i know she will be better off in my care. I will do more than just make sure she goes to school. I will watch her progress, make sure she grows up healthy and wise, and will have her best interests at heart. I ask for prayer that the doors for this process to happen will start to happen and take off and that Gods will will be done in this situation. I am asking prayer for favor in this battle that I will become even more ready to be able to take care of my daughter and that nothing can come between my daughter and I from being together. Please. In Jesus name.



My grandpa Jack K, has been getting pretty weak for a few months now. He is a very active beef farmer, who cannot stand to not have something to do. He found out he has a heart blockage, and bad valve. They scheduled a valve replacement surgery that said would most likely fix most of his problems, several weeks back. That surgery was suppose to be today. Last Sunday, my grandpa had a stroke while I was sitting next to him talking to him. We rushed him to the hospital, where he stayed for several days. Luckily there was no damage, and that he was able to come home on Wednesday. Due to his stroke, (first one he has ever had) they postponed his heart surgery for another 2 weeks. It is now scheduled for the 27th. I am away from home at college, and just recieved a call that he has had another stroke today, and that they are back at the hospital now. I just ask that other people lift him up in prayer, asking for healing for my grandpa. He was the man that raised me, and was the father and grandfather to me, when I didn't have anyone else. He is getting up there in age as he approaching 80 years old, but it's still very hard to see him struggling like this. He told me the last time I talked to him, he just wanted to be able to see me graduate college in May, as I am the first person in our family to ever attend college.

Prayer for son in law


Please pray for my son-in-law Chris. His platelet count is dangerously low and they can't figure out why. It is called Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura. A long term meaning low platelet count for unknown reason. He is very scared as we all are. I thank you in advance for your prayers and for your ministry in general.

Need Rain!


Please pray for the blessings of rain for our crops, trees and lands. We have just gone through seven heat waves of temperatures above 95 degrees. We have already lost many of our crops. We ask for rain in the Name of Jesus. Thank you for your consideration and prayer.

Strength, Healing & Weight Loss


Please pray for strength, healing and weight loss for Marian. Please help us to discover why weight is being gained when there doesn't seem to be a good reason. Thank you for your generous prayers and God Bless everyone at WBGL.

Panic Attacks


Please pray that my son is able to keep working. He suffers from panic attacks and needs to be able to work to provide for his family. God Bless!

Praying For A Family

Mike & Jess

For nearly 5 years of marriage, my wife and I have been trying to have a baby to start our family. Tomorrow will be our fourth attempt at IVF after one unsuccessful try and losing two early on. We pray for a miracle tomorrow, we pray for a child. While we ask that God would bless us, we know that His plans and ways are superior to our own and pray that His will be done in our lives. We will continue to be hopeful and grateful in this time of waiting, as we know that good things are coming and all things will work together for the good as we love Him. We ask you to please pray with us, for our family and marriage, faith and endurance, and for our health and protection. Let us be a shining example of God's power, love and grace. Thank you

Prayer for safety, deliverence, and mental assistance


Please help me pray for my father who is incarcerated with a mental illness. He is not being given mental treatment and has not been able to eat. Pray that God gives him safety, strength, deliverance and mental help. May God open doors for him to be treated at a mental hospital as soon as possible in JESUS' name. Thank you and God Bless You!