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Caitie Hurst


About the Artist

“This song came from a conversation I had with one of my students, and it’s about this idea that we worry we can never come to God with the mess of who we are and the things we’ve done,” Hurst remembers. “Everything she was saying, I’d been there—the thought that God won’t love me if He really knew my heart. But God already knows my heart, and He loves me more than I can comprehend. Shame makes me want to hide from Him, but I don’t have to.”
She’d battled that shame monster before. She’d surrendered to it time and time again. Now, she was ready to surrender to the One who had already won the fight.
“It’s the same reason I was scared to sing. I wasn’t confident in who God says I am. I was overwhelmed by what people might think of me, if I was cool enough, pretty enough…I remember a couple years ago thinking of how exhausting it was to care what people thought of me all the time. I began asking God ‘What does it mean to be free?’”
“Then I realized all that stuff doesn’t matter. My walk with God- that rules everything I do. He’s given all of us a unique story.”
Hurst’s songs and worship-leading resulted in recording and publishing deals with Centricity Music in fall 2017. Since then, she’s continued to create songs with magnetic melodies and rhythm that come from the journeys she’s walked and how she’s found Christ in all of them. Anxiety; jealousy; insecurity; fear. Journeys all of us can relate to, but too often are afraid to speak about. Caitie Hurst is done hiding. She’s singing loud.