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The Afters


About the Artist

The Afters is a band whose music has been deeply influenced by tragedy and loss while still finding God’s reassurance through the hard times.

“When I think about the things that have challenged my faith the most-—the dark nights of my life-—these are also the very things that have strengthened my faith most. In the midst of tragedy, I’ve experienced God’s presence,” said Josh Havens, guitarist and lead vocalist of The Afters.

And through that forever presence, those dark nights turned into bright, shining music.

“We worked on this record for almost two years and over those two years, it was a real season of loss,” Havens recalls. “But in the end, Live on Forever is about moving us to trust God, to stand up against fear. It’s an ‘amp you up’ record, an anthem for people’s lives: ‘God you are with me in all this. I’m not alone.’”


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