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Stories of Hope

God does great things in our lives
even in the midst of really hard things.


Share YOUR story, too.

man and woman smiling and laughing holding coffee cups


WBGL helped me find Christ 3 years ago. And now I listen every time I’m in my car to reconnect and find peace. My girlfriend, Kalli, and I love this ministry.

shadow of man at the beach raising his arms to a cloudy sky


Three years ago I would have said that the act of raising your hands in praise was just that, an act. I fought God and Jesus because of pride and arrogance and also pain and confusion and then I listened and studied the Word. Now thanks to WBGL and many other pure in heart brothers…

woman holding coffee cup and smiling and laughing


You guys rock. WBGL is on every day; whenever I’m home it’s on. You guys always have a song that reminds me of who God is and that helps me through things in my life. Thank you so much for being a radio station that I actually enjoy. Keep it up!

woman outside dressed warmly, smiling


…we learned that my husband was going to be deployed…I started listening to WBGL during that time and I began feeling some peace about that situation…God always gave me the songs He wanted me to hear. So many songs spoke to me during those difficult days. WBGL isn’t just a radio station…it is a lifeline…

man holding his hands together


We lost my oldest daughter about 6 and a half years ago. You just never know when this will bring you down…this morning on my drive into work WBGL was playing the song “Burdens” By Jamie Kimmet and it really hit home. We need to lay our burdens down at His feet.

woman holding her Bible to her chest


WBGL has been our rock during our family’s journey with my grandson Matthew and his brain cancer! The music keeps us focused on the Lord and not on the worries that we can’t control. The prayers and the kindness shown by the staff at WBGL are a gift from God.