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Blessed are the hungry if they know You
Fed beyond their longing if they know You

For You are good, You’re faithful
Your hand is able to touch myself
And I am saved, I’m free, I’m filled I can see

So praise Him who takes my sin from me
Praise Him who feeds my deepest need
Praise God He made a friend if me

Blessed are the sorrowed if they know You
Comfort comes tomorrow if they know You


from Fooled, released January 1, 2006
all rights reserved

Released in 2006, "Blessed" is a wonderful praise anthem for the church and for the heart of the individual follower of Jesus. Nathan Peterson, lead singer of Hello Industry, and his wife Heather walked through a mission-defining journey in 2015 with the birth of their daughter, Olivia. Olivia, who passed away early in 2016, survived Trisomy 18 for 13 months after her birth, teaching many who loved her lessons about how deeply our value lies in Christ and is complete even when we are born because it isn't based on what we DO or who we ARE but who we are in HIM. You can read more about their story in Nathan's book, "So Am I," published in 2017.

Psalm 139:13-14 | Psalm 23