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Drown out the noise
I just want your voice
Speak to me
God I’m listening

Be still my soul
I wanna hear you alone
Speak to me, God I’m listening

Come sing over me
Heaven’s symphony
I wanna hear you speak
I’m listening
Make Your heart for me
My favorite melody
Come sing over me
God I’m listening

Help me to know
That you’re in control
You know everything, be my everything

Lead where I go
Down every road
Speak to me, God I’m listening

Come be the loudest voice I hear
Drown out the noise
Drown out the noise
Louder than every shame or fear
Drown out the noise
Just want Your voice



“I wrote this song with a couple of friends, Matt Armstrong and Katelyn Clampett, while I was in Nashville visiting from UK / Germany. My family and I were in a time of transition and possibly looking to make a move from Europe to the U.S., which would be a big move!!!!!! We had many open doors and opportunities but at the same time there seemed to be many obstacles that lay ahead, which caused us to experience a lot anxiety and fear.

We knew we needed the Lord’s wisdom to help us make decisions and navigate where and what our next season was going to be. It's in the midst of change or turbulent situations that our faith is tested and becomes relevant. We trusted Jesus to see us through as He has always done, but desperately needed His step by step guidance as we prepared to journey out into the unknown. All I wanted was to hear Him speak because He knows what's best. I know He was speaking and working in our situation but somehow I needed to learn to be still and just listen, take the time to listen to His voice. It was cool writing this with the guys because we were reminded that God has promised us He will never leave us or forsake us and in Zephaniah it says that we should remember that He is singing and rejoicing over us with love and gladness.

When we find our way to a place of praise and we can rest and renew out strength in His presence, we start to hear His voice like a beautiful melody and there is nothing better than the peace, joy, and clarity that it brings. His voice drowns out all the noise of fear, anxiety, and shame. We are not alone, He is faithful to see us through every situation!!! Take time to listen.”

-George Mhondera

Psalm 46:10 | Psalm 131 | Zephaniah 3:17 |