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Human Trafficking Round Table and Lecture

September 02, 2014 ( 3:00 pm)

First Presbyterian Church, 302 W. Church St in Champaign, presents Modern Day Solutions to Modern Day Slavery: Identifying and Responding to Victims of Huma...

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  • my pastor

    my pastors name is rocky green. our church is new beginnings apostolic church. my pastor has had a very rough year it started off he went for a check up and end up being diagnosed with stage four bone cancer. God has made a good testimony out of him. actually the cancer has spread throughout his whole body, he has been in alot of pain but he is still on a plat form preaching, God bless even though the cancer has spread through his body there is no sign whatsoever in his blood that there is anything wrong with him at all, so we are claiming him healed in Jesus name. i mean u would not be able to tell he had cancer by looking at him. then to top it off he was hit by a forktruck two monthes ago. that did a little bit of damage but not much. he was in alot of pain but God kept His hand on him that should of took his life but he only got a spraned ankle and a broken toe out of it. he doesnt like that support boot that he has to that forks of that truck hit him in the middle of the back. anyway he is a amazing man of God. he is the best pastor and spiritual leader you could ever ask for. thank you