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Celebrate Recovery

September 03, 2015 ( 6:30 pm)

The House of Hope, 5201 Charleston Rd in Salem, will host Celebrate Recovery on Thursday nights at 6:30pm. For more information on this recovery program and...

My Story

  • Paying it forward


    In 2009, I married for the 2nd time, my wonderful husband Gary. My husband gave each month to WBGL, so that others would be able to hear Christian music and turn their hearts to Jesus. He did this faithfully, and when we got married, he dedicated our Wedding Day. Then 22 months after we married, my husband suffered a cardiac arrest, which left him with a severe anoxic brain injury. My heart shattered, and it was the music on WBGL which I listened to and helped me cling to Jesus during a very difficult time which is continual. The other day I was praying for the listeners on WBGL, and God reminded me of something I just need to share. Gary paid for years, each month to WBGL, for listeners. Years later, the one listener who benefits the most from his generous giving is his heartbroken wife, who is now his caretaker. I benefit the most because of this reason: If I listen to other radio stations I will hear all sorts of songs, love songs, you did me wrong songs, etc... All those songs do is remind me that I am a caretaker and no longer a bride and I am alone and my husband is not coming back. The songs bring me down. I listen to WBGL and I am reminded that my heart is broken but the pieces sit in my God's hands. I am not alone, Jesus is with me. The songs lift me up and give me hope and remind me that there is more going on than I can see or know for now. Gary paid it forward. Gary no longer listens to music, but his bride (me) does. The music Gary wanted to be played to bring someone hope, brings me hope. When we give to WBGL we never know who it is that will benefit the greatest from our gift. If you asked Gary back when he gave, he would have never said it was going to be me. But it is and that is because Gary paid it forward and his bride is the recipient.