Afternoons with Eric & Danielle

Eric and Danielle with you each day Monday- Saturday from 3-7 P.M.  

ERIC NICHOLS: Eric thoroughly enjoys spending time behind the microphone with you in the afternoons.  It's an honor.  He typically carries a coffee mug around, often times wears his shirt untucked and has had a beard for the better part of ten years.  He grew up in Ohio and has lived in several states but certainly feels at home in Illinois.

He senses the need to encourage people in their journey of faith and cares deeply about those who are hurting.  He holds a pastoral ministry degree and a fascination for radio. 

Most days, when away from the radio station, he spends time with his wife and three kids.  They enjoy traveling around, gaining new experiences and spending time together.  If you know of any great deals on shoes, let Eric know.  He likes shoes. 

DANIELLE PEREZ: Danielle's maiden last name was so hard to say she took on the nickname Danielle "Popsicle" for the first radio program she hosted for kids. She's glad to have graduated now to an adult radio program though she will always be a kid at heart. Danielle loves racing her two elementary children down the slide at the playground and having family dance parties in her living room.

Eric and Danielle on WBGL has fulfilled Danielle's dream and prayers of getting back into Christian radio after being away for some time so she could be home with her children. Now her son and daughter are in lower elementary school and approve of her working at their favorite radio station, WBGL. She will tell you that it’s a joy and privilege to be able to spend time with you each day.  

Danielle and her husband have lived in San Diego, Dallas, Chicagoland, and now Champaign where they are enjoying sampling the menus of the many food trucks in town. 

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