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Behind our Smiles

Have you ever seen those picture-perfect images on social media and wonder what went on right before or after the shot? No matter how perfect someone’s marriage looks from the outside, every relationship has struggles. The Behind Our Smiles Podcast takes you behind the smiles of Joe and Tara Buchanan and how they find genuine joy amidst the challenges they have faced in their 24 years of marriage.

Whether it’s healing from childhood trauma, learning to communicate, or just the daily grind of raising kids, they believe pursuing connection with God and each other can make the difference.

Each episode you will hear relatable, hope-filled stories and practical ways to strengthen your marriage.

Recent Episodes

couple listening to headphones back to back but not listening to each other

Behind Our Smiles – Episode 32 – Are You Listening to Me?

  One of the most frustrating things to experience is when you feel like someone is not listening to you. Or worse, they say they…

Couple walking and talking

Behind Our Smiles – Episode 31 – Where Do You Want to Eat?

  You know that question, that one question that you’re almost afraid to ask because there’s often no easy answer: Where do you want to…

woman with head in her hands

Behind Our Smiles – Episode 30 – Can We Just Skip Mother’s Day? – Part 2

  Joe and I come to Mother’s Day and holidays like this with completely different perspectives — and those differences became front and center when…


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Behind Our Smiles album artHosted by Joe and Tara Buchanan with Northwestern Media

WBGL’s brand new podcast, Behind Our Smiles, takes you behind the smiles of Joe and Tara Buchanan as they share how they find joy amidst the challenges they have faced in their marriage. Joe served on-air at WBGL for 17 years, and listeners enjoyed his encouragement to walk with Christ and show kindness to others. Joe and Tara have been married for 24 years and have four children. If you enjoyed hearing Joe’s story on the first episode of The Unfolding, you’ll love hearing the story that God continues to write in their marriage and family.