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    I started listening to WBGL in the early 90's and quickly got my mom and younger sister to listen as well. Wherever we went we had the "God Channel" on! It was PFR's "That Kind of Love" that was my favorite song and having the chance to see them in concert was amazing! I spent 18 months doing missionary work, with the first year in northwest Argentina. I had recorded as much WBGL music as I could before I left and my family sent me new songs when they could - before internet radio I was sharing you across continents! I would even take some songs and translate them into Spanish so I could share their message. Through the years since, WBGL has continued to be a source of strength for me mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This past week, again the music of WBGL brought me peace and strength as I had to say goodbye to my dog. She was 15 and had been with me since her birth. (I think she was quite a fan of WBGL as well!) The music of Kathy Trocolli comforted me as I mourned her passing. As I move into the next chapter of my life I rejoice with songs such as "Listen" by Michelle Tumes. Thank you WBGL and the artists you have introduced into my life over the past 15+ years. God bless!!